Liberating Torre Railway Station! (1.6.2019)

Torre Railway Station (Torquay)

Torre Railway Station was opened in 1848 for use by Brunel’s South Devon Railway, and was enlarged 1882. The Station and its picturesque Bridge are now Grade II listed buildings. The Station was opened on 18 December 1848. The first train decorated with evergreens and flags covered the 6 miles between Newton and Torre in just 13 minutes! Incidently, 1848 was a time of great Revolutionary activity all across most of Europe, which saw Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels at its centre, leading and encouraging the working class uprisings. For this, Marx was expelled from Europe and the UK gave him political asylum in 1849. He lived in London in the UK until his death in 1883 – during which time he wrote some of his greatest philosophical works (researching in what was then the Reading Room of the old British Library – now the Rotunda that comprises the Entrance of the British Museum – with the British Library moving further down the road). Our children (and ourselves) love to explore old or unusual buildings with interesting pasts – and Torre Station fits this description perfectly. Indeed, it was the ONLY train station in Torquay until Torquay Station was built just up the line in 1859 (as the line was extended to Paignton), with Torquay Station being rebuilt in 1876.











Thank you for coming on this journey with us!

We love you all!

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