Drinking Tea at Tiananmen (3.6.2019)

Beautiful Tiananmen Square

I was not in Tiananmen Square in June, 1989, but then neither do I perpetuate lies as a living – such as the BBC Correspondents Kate Aidie or Jon Simpson (and numerous others from the various Western News Agencies hostile to China). Swings and roundabouts…  This was a time before the immediacy of internet communication, and when we as individuals were reliant upon our news from a few media outlets that all conspired (as they still do) to present a pro-capitalist and anti-Socialist spin on the news. The UK had just ‘4’ TV channels at the time, and certainly no widespread access to satellite TV. The BBC and ITV News Outlets all coordinated their stories. Once the US and UK (both under rightwing regimes at the time) united to fabricate this story, it was a simple matter of protocol for the EU and US-dominated countries around the world to follow suit. All this sounds like a paranoid conspiracy theory, but the problem for me with the official narrative is that when I visited China in 1999, I could not find any evidence that this Western narrative was true, but even before this date, I was being contacted by Chinese Nationals visiting the UK who possessed no knowledge of this event, or who thought the Western story was nothing but a fairy-tale. In the last ten years, I have been lucky enough to have met a number of now middle-aged Chinese Nationals living and working in the UK who were at Tiananmen in June, 1989, and tell me that the demonstrations were in support of the Communist Party of China (CPC) whilst opposed to foreign intervention in the USSR and in China. China had been in ideological opposition to Russia since Khrushchev’s 1956 ‘Secret Speech’ which demonized Joseph Stalin (playing into the hands of a post-1945 US smear campaign against Stalin). Khrushchev was viewed as a Trotskyite, with the USSR diverting onto a revisionist path. With the election of Mikhail Gorbachev to General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union – Western interference in the internal affairs of the USSR reached a new and alarming peak – jeopardizing the entire Socialist underpinnings of the Soviet State! This, in-part, was why many students were protesting in Tiananmen – namely because of Western (I.e. ‘capitalist’) interference in the USSR (together with the Soviet ‘revisionism’ that was allowing it to happen), with a perception that a similar infiltration was starting to happen in China. In the midst of all this ideological turmoil, I have heard that there were a number of Trade Union disputes around Beijing, but not in Tiananmen itself. Although incidentally happening around this time, I am informed that these protests were unrelated and to do with local working conditions. The reason the US-dominated Wikipedia page states that casualty figures are ‘unknown’ is because no one was killed in Tiananmen Square – contrary to the assertions by the BBC and various other New Outlets. My counter-narratives are premised upon eye-witness reports and extensive research into Chinese language sources. I have even read books published in the US that ‘doubt’ the official Western narrative. Many so-called ‘survivors’ of Tiananmen now living opulent lifestyles in the West have been proven to be frauds, or at least have no genuine knowledge of the events surrounding the Tiananmen Protests of June, 1989, and yet the ‘official’ narrative of the barbarous Chinese still prevails throughout the Western media and the Eurocentric mind. This is because the ‘Tiananmen Square Incident’ was fabricated by the Western rightwing political establishment and premised upon the highly potent racial myth of interpreting China, her culture and her people as being racially deficient and lacking in the civilized ‘norms’ of behaviour supposedly found in the West. Of course, everything I have said can still be ignored or dismissed as fantasy, but in 2011, there was the rather revealing Wikileaks revelation that previously ‘secret’ US Government Cables from the US Embassy in Beijing to the White House in Washington confirming that there were ‘no casualties’ in Tiananmen. This simple but devastating piece of anti-propaganda was quietly published in the British rightwing (and racist) Daily Telegraph Newspaper – and then ‘copyrighted’!  This is what I have learned by drinking tea in the living room of my South London flat, whilst discussing that fateful day with numerous Chinese Nationals who were once students and dared to hold-up the Red Banner against Western capitalism (and racism) interfering in their Socialist lives!

Adrian Chan-Wyles – Torquay (3.6.2019)

Wikileaks: ‘No Casualties’ in Tiananmen!

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