Drinking Tea at Tiananmen (3.6.2019)

Beautiful Tiananmen Square

Author’s Note: The Western, bourgeois (capitalist) governments would be euphoric if China was somehow allowed (or manipulated) to regress into a cheap and easily exploitable version of the West! Indeed, this has been the plan from the very beginning. The very idea that inside every Chinese person there is a liberal-minded Westerner trying to get out is the very essence of the Eurocentric racism aimed at the Chinese people! Western governments routinely oppress and kill their populations in a bewildering number of ways – but this ongoing project of controlling vast populations through ‘killing’, ‘maiming’ and ‘impoverishing’ has been ‘normalised’ to such an extent that no one sees, hears or cares any more! Indeed, what the despotic West does to its populations – or so the capitalists assume – is only what the exotic ‘other’ (existing a long way away) does to its populations! The fact that China is one of the most civilised, peaceful, progressive and prosperous countries in the world is irrelevant to the perpetuators of predatory capitalism! Although Wikileaks (in no way a friend of Communist China) released data in 2011 proving the US and British ‘lied’ about mass-killings in Tiananmen Square in 1989 – the Western countries simply ignored this revelation and carried-on fabricating and inventing, increasing ever greater casualty figures! Obviously, the Western media conspired to ‘limit’ this information by allowing just the racist Daily Telegraph to a) print the story, and b) ‘copyright’ the story so as to prevent any other newspaper publishing! I have never heard of a news story that theoretically belongs to everyone being ‘copyrighted’! In true capitalist style, the racist Daily Telegraph likes to further ‘limit’ access to this story (online) by demanding that each reader signs-up with a credit-card to read the right-wing garbage it churns-out! To remedy this, I have copied as much of the English article I could find and reproduced it here, as well as provided a Chinese-language article that reviews this Wikileak! It is obvious that the US had its agents acting in Tiananmen at this time and it was they who were leading the violence! America tried this approach again recently in Hong Kong. It is a recurring a theme. The US causes a criminal uprising which the Chinese Authorities correct suppress – just as any police force would in the world! The US then instructs the media to print endless (fake) stories of oppression, mass killings and popular uprisings! ACW (29.3/2022)

I was not in Tiananmen Square in June, 1989, but then neither do I perpetuate lies as a living – such as the BBC Correspondents Kate Aidie or Jon Simpson (and numerous others from the various Western News Agencies hostile to China). Swings and roundabouts…  This was a time before the immediacy of internet communication, and when we as individuals were reliant upon our news from a few media outlets that all conspired (as they still do) to present a pro-capitalist and anti-Socialist spin on the news. The UK had just ‘4’ TV channels at the time, and certainly no widespread access to satellite TV. The BBC and ITV News Outlets all coordinated their stories. Once the US and UK (both under rightwing regimes at the time) united to fabricate this story, it was a simple matter of protocol for the EU and US-dominated countries around the world to follow suit. All this sounds like a paranoid conspiracy theory, but the problem for me with the official narrative is that when I visited China in 1999, I could not find any evidence that this Western narrative was true, but even before this date, I was being contacted by Chinese Nationals visiting the UK who possessed no knowledge of this event, or who thought the Western story was nothing but a fairy-tale. In the last ten years, I have been lucky enough to have met a number of now middle-aged Chinese Nationals living and working in the UK who were at Tiananmen in June, 1989, and tell me that the demonstrations were in support of the Communist Party of China (CPC) whilst opposed to foreign intervention in the USSR and in China. China had been in ideological opposition to Russia since Khrushchev’s 1956 ‘Secret Speech’ which demonized Joseph Stalin (playing into the hands of a post-1945 US smear campaign against Stalin). Khrushchev was viewed as a Trotskyite, with the USSR diverting onto a revisionist path. With the election of Mikhail Gorbachev to General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union – Western interference in the internal affairs of the USSR reached a new and alarming peak – jeopardizing the entire Socialist underpinnings of the Soviet State! This, in-part, was why many students were protesting in Tiananmen – namely because of Western (I.e. ‘capitalist’) interference in the USSR (together with the Soviet ‘revisionism’ that was allowing it to happen), with a perception that a similar infiltration was starting to happen in China (causing confusion and corruption amongst officials). In the midst of all this ideological turmoil, I have heard that there were a number of Trade Union disputes around Beijing, but not in Tiananmen itself. Although incidentally happening around this time, I am informed that these protests were unrelated and to do with local working conditions. The reason the US-dominated Wikipedia page states that casualty figures are ‘unknown’ is because no one was killed in Tiananmen Square – contrary to the assertions made by the BBC and various other New Outlets. My counter-narratives are premised upon eye-witness reports and extensive research into Chinese language sources. I have even read books published in the US that ‘doubt’ the official Western narrative. Many so-called ‘survivors’ of Tiananmen now living opulent lifestyles in the West have been proven to be frauds, or at least have no genuine knowledge of the events surrounding the Tiananmen Protests of June, 1989, and yet the ‘official’ narrative of the barbarous Chinese still prevails throughout the Western media and the Eurocentric mind. This is because the ‘Tiananmen Square Incident’ was fabricated by the Western rightwing political establishment and premised upon the highly potent racial myth of interpreting China, her culture and her people as being racially deficient and lacking in the civilized ‘norms’ of behaviour supposedly found in the West. Of course, everything I have said can still be ignored or dismissed as fantasy, but in 2011, there was the rather revealing Wikileaks revelation that previously ‘secret’ US Government Cables from the US Embassy in Beijing to the White House in Washington confirming that there were ‘no casualties’ in Tiananmen. This simple but devastating piece of anti-propaganda was quietly published in the British rightwing (and racist) Daily Telegraph Newspaper – and then ‘copyrighted’!  This is what I have learned by drinking tea in the living room of my South London flat, whilst discussing that fateful day with numerous Chinese Nationals who were once students and dared to hold-up the Red Banner against Western capitalism (and racism) interfering in their Socialist lives!

Adrian Chan-Wyles – Torquay (3.6.2019)

English Language Article:

Wikileaks: ‘No Casualties’ in Tiananmen!

Wikileaks: no bloodshed inside Tiananmen Square, cables claim
Secret cables from the United States embassy in Beijing have shown there was no bloodshed inside Tiananmen Square when China put down student pro-democracy demonstrations 22 years ago.

By Malcolm Moore
04 June 2011 • 8:00am

The cables, obtained by WikiLeaks and released exclusively by The Daily Telegraph, partly confirm the Chinese government’s account of the early hours of June 4, 1989, which has always insisted that soldiers did not massacre demonstrators inside Tiananmen Square….

Chinese Language Article:

聞來源: 維基解密 于June 04, 2011

  美國國務院6月3日敦促中共釋放1989年5月至6月以和平方式參加天安門廣場抗議而仍在服刑的人士。發言人托納(Mark Toner)6月3日表示,中共應該釋放那些被拘押、被迫消失或遭軟禁的人士。托納還敦促中共當局公布22年前發生的在鎮壓天安門民主運動事件中被槍殺,拘留和失蹤人士的名單,並停止騷擾死難者家屬。

  美國會衆議員、少數黨領袖佩洛西(Nancy Pelosi)6月3日對六四示威者表達敬意稱,“20世紀壹個最爲不朽的形象將永遠留在我們良知中,壹名男子在街頭擋住了壹個坦克車隊。今天,天安門的精神仍活在那些在中國內外繼續鬥爭的人士心中。”佩洛西還呼籲中國釋放受到監禁或是失蹤的人士,其中包括敢于直言的藝術家艾未未和維權律師唐吉田,滕彪,江天勇,高智晟以及劉曉波。

  據稱“六四事件”中,中共當局派軍隊和坦克對天安門民主學生運動進行血腥鎮壓,可能造成幾百人,甚至幾千人喪生。但是,中共壹直以來堅稱解放軍並沒有在1989年6月4日天安門廣場屠殺示威的學生。而從最新維基解密公布的三份美國外交電文可以看出,中國政府這類描述“在壹定程度上”是確實的。不存在 “天安門屠殺”事件,最多可稱得上“北京屠殺”。電文顯示,中共軍隊是在由西向北京市中心(天安門廣場)進發途中向示威者開火。






  根據中共2001年文件,有來自第38軍的2,000名士兵以及42輛裝甲車于1989年6月4日淩晨4點開始從天安門廣場北向南緩慢進掃。當時,大約有3,000多名學生圍坐在人民英雄紀念碑周圍,該紀念碑南向靠近毛主席紀念堂位置的學生最多。劉曉波 在內的示威領導者敦促學生離開天安門廣場。美國密電稱,“壹旦達成學生撤離的協議,學生們就列隊由天安門廣場的東南角撤離”。這壹電文引述的證詞和當時在場的其他記者報道相悖。當時壹些記者報道稱,軍隊沖進毫無武裝的示威平民。也就暗示,當晚實際死亡的人數可能比先前認爲要少很多。

  六四期間曾在北京報道的英國廣播公司(BBC)記者邁爾斯(James Miles)在2009年承認,“他傳達了錯誤印象,天安門廣場並沒有發生屠殺。當軍隊接近仍然停留在廣場上的學生時,通過協商後,那些學生被允許離開”。不過,電文顯示,雖然沒有天安門屠殺,但是有“北京屠殺”。美國外交電文稱,真正發生屠殺的地點是在距離天安門廣場以西近3英裏的木樨地,時間是在 6月3日晚。當時有上千示威者自發地聚集到木樨地,以阻斷軍隊的進發。


Source: WikiLeaks on June 04, 2011
On June 3, the U.S. State Department urged the CCP to release the June 4 death list and release the June 4 service members. However, the latest US diplomatic secret cable released by WikiLeaks on the same day showed that the “Tiananmen Massacre” did not take place on June 4, 1989. The actual bloodshed occurred in the western urban area west of Tiananmen Square.

The U.S. State Department on June 3 urged the CCP to release those who peacefully participated in the Tiananmen Square protests from May to June 1989 and are still serving their sentences. Spokesman Mark Toner said on June 3 that the CCP should release those detained, forced to disappear or placed under house arrest. Toner also urged the Chinese authorities to release the names of those who were shot, detained and missing in the crackdown on the Tiananmen pro-democracy movement 22 years ago, and to stop harassing the families of the victims.

US Congressman and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi paid tribute to the June 4 protesters on June 3, saying, “One of the most immortal images of the 20th century will forever remain in our conscience, a man who A tank convoy blocked the street. Today, the spirit of Tiananmen lives on in the hearts of those who continue to fight inside and outside China.” Pelosi also called on China to release imprisoned or missing people, including outspoken artists Ai Weiwei and Human rights lawyers Tang Jitian, Teng Biao, Jiang Tianyong, Gao Zhisheng and Liu Xiaobo.

It is said that during the “June 4 Incident”, the CCP authorities sent troops and tanks to carry out a bloody suppression of the pro-democracy student movement in Tiananmen Square, possibly causing hundreds or even thousands of deaths. However, the CCP has long maintained that the PLA did not massacre the students who demonstrated in Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989. As can be seen from the latest three US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks, the Chinese government’s description is true “to a certain extent”. There is no “Tiananmen Massacre”, it can be called the “Beijing Massacre” at best. The cable shows that the CCP army opened fire on the demonstrators on the way from west to the center of Beijing (Tiananmen Square).

WikiLeaks’ latest three diplomatic cables from the U.S. embassy in China regarding the “June 4 Incident” were published by the British “Daily Telegraph” on June 3. All three secret cables were sent by the U.S. Embassy in China on June 3, 1989, when U.S. diplomats anticipated that the “final confrontation” between Chinese troops and student protesters was looming.

According to the cable, about 10,000 to 15,000 armed forces officers and soldiers wearing helmets marched towards the urban area of ​​Beijing, some of them also carrying “automatic weapons”. At the same time, it is said that “elite airborne troops” and “tank troops” are also advancing from south to north at the same time. “The overturned car was used as a roadblock, and the students have made solemn declarations to the military not to cross the roadblock many times. However, we remain skeptical of this,” the cable said. The students also borrowed motorcycles to transport and fortify the barricades. As the military scrambled, the cables said diplomatic staff at the embassy were repeatedly told to “stay inside” unless they were going to the front line to report.

According to a June 3, 1989 cable, “The situation in central Beijing was very chaotic when political officials at the Beijing Hotel stated that the army was approaching the crowd of demonstrators eastward on Chang’an Avenue. Although the army did not appear to have fired on the demonstrators, however, There were gunshots coming from the army’s rear in the direction of Tiananmen Square.” Inside Tiananmen Square, a Chilean diplomat who had witnessed the pro-democracy movement at the scene told the American diplomat what he had seen and heard in the “last hours of the demonstration.” A July 1989 cable described the Chilean diplomat as saying: “He saw the army enter Tiananmen Square, but did not see the army open fire on the demonstrators with weapons, although sporadic gunshots could be heard at the time.”

“In fact, the vast majority of soldiers who entered Tiananmen Square were only armed with anti-riot gear, such as batons and wooden sticks, and were supported by armed forces behind them.” The US secret cable said the Chilean diplomat was standing at a “red cross” sign in Tiananmen Square.

He was surrounded by a squad of troops and saw some panicked medical personnel flee the scene. However, there was no incident of “the army shooting at the crowd of students at the Monument to the People’s Heroes”.

According to a 2001 CCP document, 2,000 soldiers from the 38th Army and 42 armored vehicles began to slowly sweep north to south from Tiananmen Square at 4:00 a.m. on June 4, 1989. At that time, more than 3,000 students gathered around the Monument to the People’s Heroes, with the largest number of students facing the monument to the south near the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall. Demonstration leaders, including Liu Xiaobo, urged students to leave Tiananmen Square. “Once an agreement to evacuate the students is reached, the students will line up to evacuate from the southeast corner of Tiananmen Square,” the US secret cable said. The testimony quoted in the cable contradicted reports from other journalists present at the time. At the time, some reporters reported that the army had stormed unarmed demonstrators. It also suggested that the actual number of people who died that night may have been much lower than previously thought.

James Miles, a BBC correspondent who reported on June 4 in Beijing, admitted in 2009, “He gave the wrong impression that there was no massacre in Tiananmen Square. students, after consultation, those students were allowed to leave.” However, the cable shows that although there was no Tiananmen massacre, there was a “Beijing massacre”. The U.S. diplomatic cable stated that the actual massacre took place in Muxidi, nearly 3 miles west of Tiananmen Square, on the evening of June 3. At that time, thousands of demonstrators spontaneously gathered in Muxidi to block the advance of the army.

According to the CCP’s “Tiananmen Archives”, at about 10:30 p.m. on June 3 that year, the soldiers began to use tear gas and rubber bullets to try to disperse the crowd. After no success, the soldiers began to use live ammunition. Doubtfully, as the crowd fled, they were blocked by their own barricades. In addition, relevant U.S. diplomatic cables also disclosed the scale of the student demonstrations in the weeks leading up to the June 4th incident and the broad support they received. In a May 21, 1989 cable, an anonymous visitor told the U.S. embassy and consulate in Shenyang that the then chairman of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, Ni Zhifu, denounced Beijing’s military martial law and warned that, if not more respectful, As for the students, he will lead a general strike that would paralyze all of China’s workers.

維基解密:美外交密件證實中國聲明 6.4時天安門廣場沒有死人(截圖)

摘要部分內容:答:我沒有說在整個鎮壓反革命暴亂事件中沒有發生傷亡。我剛才只是說,解放軍在清理 天安門廣場過程中沒有發生打死人的事情。至于在整個鎮壓反革命暴亂過程中,有壹些歹 徒被打死,也有壹部分看熱鬧、圍觀的群衆遭到誤傷,解放軍本身也遭到很大傷亡。關于 這個傷亡的情況,我已經在前不久舉行的記者招待會上代表國務院宣布過了。在這個事件 中,解放軍有5000多人受傷,圍觀的群衆和歹徒受傷的有2000多人。死亡的數字 大體上300人,包括解放軍,以及歹徒和少數圍觀的群衆。現在有些國外的報道說中國 在鎮壓反革命暴亂的過程中,有成千上萬的人死亡,甚至說多少萬多少萬人死亡,是不確 切的,是歪曲、誇大的。

State Council Spokesperson Yuan Mu on Tiananmen Incident was interviewed by American reporter http://my.qoos.com/space-188504-do-blog-id-3760.html
Part of the summary: A: I did not say that there were no casualties in the entire suppression of the counter-revolutionary riots. I just said that the PLA did not kill anyone while cleaning up Tiananmen Square. As for the whole process of suppressing the counter-revolutionary riots, some gangsters were killed, some of the crowd watching the fun and onlookers were accidentally injured, and the PLA itself suffered heavy casualties. Regarding this casualty situation, I have already announced on behalf of the State Council at the press conference held not long ago. In this incident, more than 5,000 people in the PLA were injured, and more than 2,000 people were injured by onlookers and gangsters. The number of deaths was roughly 300, including the People’s Liberation Army, as well as gangsters and a few onlookers. Now some foreign reports say that in the process of suppressing counter-revolutionary riots in China, tens of thousands of people died, or even to say how many thousands of people died, which is inaccurate, distorted and exaggerated.

1989年6月30日北京市市長 陳希同關于制止動亂和平息反革命暴亂的情況報告

June 30, 1989 Beijing Mayor Chen Xitong’s report on stopping unrest and quelling counter-revolutionary riots
Chinese Government People’s Congress http://www.npc.gov.cn/wxzl/gongbao/1989-06/30/content_1481155.htm
During the few days of riots, more than 1,280 military vehicles, police cars and electric buses were smashed, burned or damaged by the rioters, including more than 1,000 military vehicles, more than 60 armoured vehicles, more than 30 police cars, and buses and trams. More than 120 vehicles and more than 70 other motor vehicles. A batch of weapons and ammunition was robbed. More than 6,000 soldiers of martial law troops, armed policemen and police officers were injured and dozens of people died. They sacrificed their blood and even their precious lives to defend the motherland, the constitution, and the people. The people will always remember their achievements.
Such a heavy price is the most powerful example of the great tolerance and restraint adopted by the martial law troops. The People’s Liberation Army is an army led by the Communist Party of China that serves the people wholeheartedly. This army is ruthless towards the enemy, towards the those who threaten the people and oppose peace, as it has always been. During the war years, they were able to defeat the 8 million Kuomintang troops armed by the US imperialists, defeat the US imperialism armed to the teeth, and can effectively defend the sacred territory of our country, Why did the PLA troops quelling the counter-revolutionary riots suffer such heavy casualties? Why did they have weapons in their hands, but were beaten or even killed? As Comrade Deng Xiaoping pointed out, “It is because the mixture of good and bad people makes it difficult for us to take decisive measures that we should take.” This also shows that the People’s Liberation Army loves the people and is unwilling to hurt the masses by mistake. They endured humiliation and died calmly, which is the full embodiment of the essence of the people’s army. Otherwise, how could it have suffered so many casualties and losses? Does this not mean that our military sacrifices itself in order to protect the people? In the end, in order to quell the counter-revolutionary riots and avoid causing greater losses, the martial law troops were forced to shoot back in the air after repeated warnings under the circumstances of serious casualties, unbearable, unbearable and difficult to advance. , killed some rampaging thugs. Due to the large number of onlookers, some were hit by cars trying to get through the crowds, some were accidentally injured by stray bullets, and some were injured and killed by gunmen. According to the current situation, more than 3,000 non-military people were injured in the riot, and more than 200 people were killed, including 36 college students. Among them, the thugs who committed crime, the people who were accidentally injured, and the medical staff, joint defence personnel, and order maintenance team members who were performing tasks on the scene. For the people who were accidentally injured and those who were injured in the execution of tasks, the government should seriously do a good job in the aftermath.
Due to “Voice of America” ​​rumours and some people deliberately spreading rumours, there was a rumour in the society that after the martial law troops entered the city, they “bathed Tiananmen Square with blood” and “thousands or even tens of thousands of people fell in a pool of blood.” The real situation is that after the martial law troops entered the square, at 1:30 in the morning, the Beijing Municipal People’s Government and the command of the martial law troops issued an emergency announcement: “A serious counter-revolutionary riot broke out in the capital tonight”, “All citizens and students in Tiananmen Square, They should leave immediately so that the martial law troops can carry out their tasks.” The emergency announcement was played repeatedly with a tweeter for more than 3 hours. At this time, the young students who were sitting on the square gathered in the area around the Monument to the People’s Heroes at the southern end of the square. At around 3 o’clock, after internal consultation, they sent representatives to express to the martial law troops that they were willing to withdraw from the square voluntarily, and the martial law troops immediately agreed. At 4:30 in the morning, a notice from the command of the martial law troops was broadcast on the square: “We will start clearing the ground now, and I agree with the students’ call to evacuate the square.” At the same time, the Beijing Municipal People’s Government and the command of the martial law troops were broadcast on quickly restoring Tiananmen Square to normal. Announcement of order. After hearing the announcement, thousands of young students who stayed in the square set up pickets with their flags and banners on both sides and left the square around 5 o’clock. In order to ensure the safe evacuation of the students, the martial law troops opened a wide passage at the south entrance on the east side of the square to ensure that the students leave smoothly and safely. At this time, there were still some students who insisted on not leaving, and the martial law troops forced them to leave the square in accordance with the requirements of the “announcement”. By 5:30, the clearing tasks were all completed. None of the students who sat in the plaza, including the one who was forced to leave in the end, died. Some people rumoured that the square was “a river of blood” and that he “crawled out of the dead”, which is completely nonsense.

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