When Anti-Working Class Women Conform to ‘Patriarchy’

Anti-China – Taiwan Leader Tsai Ing-Wen (蔡英文)

The reactionary regimes of the world mimic the progressive rhetoric (and institutions) of the Socialist regimes (and movements), in an attempt to project the false impression that everything is now functioning optimally within (rightwing) society, and ALL inequalities and injustices have been eradicated through reform. Of course, this is lie of massive proportions. Many of these regimes – whilst demonising and misrepresenting the ideology and history of Socialism – simultaneously pursue rightwing and ultra-rightwing policies that polarise society, enhance injustice and magnify inequalities. These ‘Alternative Right’ regimes pursue neo-Nazi-type political and social policies which strengthen the bourgeois class privileges and weaken and disempower the working classes, whilst continuously pushing the false idea that ‘fascism’ is the ultimate expression of ‘democracy’. In this schizophrenic world of blurred reality, it is often the case that the ‘Patriarchal’ forces that control bourgeois (capitalism) often manipulate women to their own advantage.

Tory Rightwinger Theresa May – UK 

Whilst genuine ‘Socialist’ societies liberate women from a legal, political and cultural perspective, these rightwing regimes propel women of the right social class and ethnicity into positions of political power to give the false impression that women within fascist regimes are now ‘free’ and that ALL women are emancipated. This includes liberal, democratic societies (which are often described as practising ‘social fascism’). Women are no more ‘free’ in these societies as they were within Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy or Imperial Japan, but the right kind of individual women are ‘allowed’ to rise through the ranks of business and politics so that rightwing regimes (such as that in the UK, Germany and Taiwan, etc), present female leaders to the world whilst slowly but consistently murdering their own populace through poverty, lack of nutrition, medical care and housing, etc. To hold these positions of power, these women have to conform to the cultural norms of patriarchy and never deviate from them. This is a similar situation to non-White people holding positions of power within ‘White’ colonial administrations that routinely brutalise the natives under their control. When women conform to ‘Patriarchy’ they are actively strengthening the reactionary power that is routinely used against them, and participating in the all-round oppression of the working classes.

Pro-US Angela Merkel – German leader


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