Chernobyl, Tomsk 7 & Fukishima


I was talking to a Russian friend about Chernobyl and he pointed-out the difference with which it and the disaster at Fukishima are treated. Whilst the former has been used to question and undermine the legitimacy of the Soviet regime, Fukishima is never used to question or undermine the guiding principles of Japanese capitalism. Furthermore, whereas hundreds (and possibly thousands) of Soviet technicians gave their lives (or suffered terrible physical and genetic injuries) protecting humanity from the unfolding disaster at Chernobyl, the Western press either ignores this sacrifice, or paints it as typical of the stupidity that defined the Soviet regime. On the other hand, even the rabid (and racist) Fox News acknowledged the bravery of the Fukishima technicians (albeit referring to them at one point as being ‘kamikaze’). The point here, is that capitalism can never be wrong, and that everything that happens is correct, if not exactly wanted. Even historical ‘facts’ are morphed to fit the current predatory thinking of the capitalist regimes, a phenomenon that can be clearly seen with the neo-Nazi friendly pseudo-history that has been emerging from Eastern Europe, the demonisation of modern Russia and the criminalisation of the history of the Soviet Union. This has culminated in openly neo-Nazi regimes coming to power, such as the ‘Maidan’ regime in Kiev (Western Ukraine), supported by the US, UK and EU. This generates and sustains the ahistorical notion that there was no difference between Nazi Germany and the USSR. Added to all this madness (and inverted thinking) is Israel’s support for neo-Nazi Ukraine, with Israeli volunteers fighting in the Maidan militia.

However, although Chernobyl is unjustly used as an almost demonic representation of the USSR, the capitalist world remains oddly ‘quiet’ about similar disasters that have happened in Russia post-1991. It is as if now that Russia is ‘capitalist’, any chemical or nuclear disaster is to be expected, and viewed as just one of those things. in 1993, (and rumoured to have happened due to a sudden withdrawal of Soviet technical organisation and know how), the Tomsk 7 Reprocessing Complex (in Seversk, Russia) released a cloud of radio-active gas, in a nuclear accident considered the worst in history. Then again, in 2015, at the Siberian Chemical Industrial Complex, a container housing depleted uranium lost pressure and exploded. As these disasters happened under the socio-economic system of capitalism, there is no associated danger between which class owns and controls the means of production, and any accidents or disasters that occur because of the perpetual drive to secure short-term profit at the expense of the long-term health and safety of the toiling masses.

It is not a matter of dialectically ‘defending’ the USSR – but rather the practice of good research methodology to point-out and highlight the incorrect and ahistorical manner in which the USSR is treated by the mainstream capitalist media, its leftwing Trotskyite allies, its rightwing and far-rightwing allies, and the newly generated neo-Nazi regimes in Eastern Europe. Historical ‘facts’ are subject to ‘interpretation’, that is true, but when the ‘facts’ are replaced with fiction, then the entire process of gaining ‘truth’ through rational investigation is compromised, corrupted and demeaned.

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