The Polish Neo-Nazi ‘Myth’ of the ‘Battle of Warsaw’ (1920)

Scene from the Fictional 2011 Film’Battle of Warsaw’

The Eastern half of what is now Poland used to belong to Czarist Russia until November 1918, when Lenin consequently freed this area by abolishing all Czarist laws and treaties. The Western half of what is now Poland was essentially a German colony and had been so for hundreds of years. People within Western Poland viewed themselves as ethnically and politically ‘German’, whilst people of Eastern Poland viewed themselves as ethnically and politically ‘Russian’. This is why in October 1939, Hitler’s Nazi German forces annexed Western Poland, and Stalin’s Soviet forces annexed Eastern Poland (an act on behalf of the USSR that saved the Eastern Polish people from the holocaust until the Nazi German Offensive into USSR-held territory in June, 1941. This is why the people of Poland can be said to be both ‘Germanic’ and ‘Slavic’ in ethnicity, with many more people entering the country since the end of WWII. Polish nationalism, however, is premised upon the false notion that there is a separate ‘Polish’ race, but this is a fabrication. In reality, it is ‘Polish’ culture (a mixture of Germanic and Slavic) and developed (Slavic) language that distinguishes the people living there. Modern Poland has definitely lurched to the right and is participating in ultra-rightwing myth-making in support of the anti-Russian US, UK and EU, and I am tasked with exposing this nonsense in the name of the working-class. I will not sit-back and watch the President of Poland pay his respects at the graves of those Polish who collaborated with the Nazi Germans or allow a pseudo-history to be established about a) the legitimate history of Poland, and b) the correct history of the Soviet Union.

Ever since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, the US has pursued a rabid anti-Russian policy and sort to extend its predatory capitalist influence into Eastern Europe through the auspices of the European Union (EU). Yes, modern Russia is capitalist, but its leaders have steadfastly refused to allow a Rothschild-controlled central bank to be established in Moscow. The leaders of modern Russia may have been stupid to lose their Soviet System, but they are not that stupid to allow a Rothschild bank into Russia, because they know it would mean that the US (which steadfastly supports the fascist crimes and continued militarism of Israel), would have direct control of all Russian finance, and be able to dictate Russia’s political policies and national direction. Until Russia abandons its self-determination, the US is orchestrating a brutal but not too clever multifaceted attack upon contemporary Russia, and upon the history of its excellent anti-fascist record established during the Soviet era.

Although the people of Eastern Europe have been plunged into terminal poverty since the collapse of the USSR in 1991, the ‘new’ middle class which has enriched itself through plundering the people’s assets, has embarked upon the instigation of a US-style predatory capitalism, which includes the adopting of neo-Nazi rhetoric and anti-Russian racism. This has led to millions of Eastern Europeans ‘fleeing’ their respective homelands and taking-up residence in Western (EU) countries, prepared to work long hours for low wages because life is ‘better’ in this impoverished state than in their own countries. As of 2016, over 900,000 people born in Poland now live in the UK. This number may be added to the 200,000 Polish who settled in the UK after WWII, which included supposedly ‘Catholic’ Nazi war criminal members of the German SS – allowed to settle in Scotland by Churchill due to their anti-Communist leanings, despite being wanted for Crimes Against Humanity in the USSR, and for direct participation in the Holocaust – their cover-story being that they were ‘Polish’ refugees. However, in the 1930’s, Poland pursued a fascist direction and entered into a treaty with Nazi Germany (in 1935) promising assistance in any future Nazi German invasion of the USSR. Due to this Polish preference for fascism, Polish-born Jews fled that country during the 1930s. Just why Great Britain went to war over Poland – an ally of Nazi Germany – is still something of a historical mystery.

The modern Nation State of Poland only came into existence in November, 1918, when Lenin declared it free of Czarist control (after the Russian October Revolution), and Germany was too weak to assert its previous colonial control of the area. Poland did not exist prior to this date, and any fighting that happened in this area between the Red Army and the so-called ‘Entente’ forces had nothing to do with an independent Polish ethnicity, nation or armed force. In reality, anyone born in this area and militarily resisting the Red Army, had participated in the 1918 invasion of Revolutionary Russia by fourteen of the world’s capitalist and imperialist countries (including the US, UK and Germany, etc). As the Red Army grew stronger, it defeated all the Entente forces one after the over, and drove the German forces out of Russia and through Poland, inflicting heavy losses on the enemy. As the Red Army had succeeded in its main objectives during August, 1920, a halt was called to all military actions and the Red Army withdrawn back into Russian territory (as defined by Lenin in 1918). Only after the Red Army had expelled the German armed forces out of ‘Poland’ in August, 1920, could the people of that area begin to practice the self-determination granted to them by the Soviets, but which they eventually misused to embrace fascism (due primarily to Western pressure). Even at this time, the Polish leader Pilsudski ws considered a ‘fascist’ and not altogether popular amongst the ordinary Polish people. Although the Polish regular forces did clash with the Red Army outside Warsaw (and despite the subsequent retreat of the Red Army from the area due primarily to communication problems) this encounter does not contain the historical, religious or political  sigificance ascibed to it by Polish revisionism or neo-Nazi ideology.

Although the Red Army yet again ‘Liberated’ Poland in early 1945 – bringing Polish Socialists to power – since 1991, the habit of embracing fascism and neo-Nazism has spread yet again throughout Poland. Guided by the US (and EU) predatory capitalist ideologues, Polish fascists are inundating the internet with fake news, pseudo-history and disinformation. This ahistorical approach is rejected by mainstream academia, but is allowed to circulate through social media to attract sympathy and support for modern Poland’s anti-Russian racism. Many young people will meet the various wiki-pages projecting this false discourse, and will be influenced by its inherent rightwingism.  On the other hand, equal numbers will be ‘informed’. by the 2011 fictional film presented as fact entitled ‘Battle of Warsaw 1920’, by made by Polish director Jerzy Hoffmann, and very much in the Trotskyite spirit of the ridiculous ‘Soviet Story’. A simple use of logic and reliance upon first principles for gathering evidence, will direct the average researcher into overcoming Polish fascistic ignorance and US-led anti-intellectualism. Poland should be celebrating the Red Army ‘Liberation’ of their country on August 15th of each year, and not a mythological ‘Battle of Warsaw’ which a non-existent Polish army is imagined as ‘winning’. Such is the stupidity of fascism and neo-Nazism, and as soon as the US withdraws its support, Polish neo-Nazi rhetoric will dissolve into the wind…

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