Beware the Zionist Distortion of Academia

Jewish Neo-Nazi at the Wailing Wall

Zionist pseudo-history is all around us. It distorts academia and creates a false impression of history. The purpose of Zionist history is straightforward, as it a) creates the false notion that the modern State of Israel has always existed, b) that Palestine does not exist, and c) that all the land marked as Palestine should be co-opted into a ‘Greater Israel’.  From this observation it is clear that Zionism is a ‘White’ imperialist charter designed to conquer land and destroy foreign people. Although it is obviously stupid, ahistorical and racist in its machinations, it is courted by the West because it serves to destabilise an Arabia that would otherwise grow materially (and politically) powerful due to its oil revenue. Despite Zionism being exactly the same ideology (i.e. a secular, Jewish version of ‘White Supremacy’) that led to the holocaust, Zionism continuously refers to the holocaust as a means to justify its race-hate and racially motivated violence against unarmed Palestinian men, women and children (and those non-Palestinians who oppose Zionism). Whereas religious Jews reject Zionism as being ‘against god’, Zionists follow the path of mistakenly assuming that the Old Testament (or Jewish Scripture) is literally correct, and everything recorded in those theological texts as being a material fact. No mention is made that much of Genesis derives from the far earlier Sumerian civilisation, or that in theological terms, the Old Testament is not meant to make ‘material’ sense. The Judeo-Christian Bible is not a history book, and any objectively verifiable dates, events or personages recorded, are purely coincident to the ‘divine’ (i.e. ‘immaterial’) point the Bible is making. As matters stand, a great deal of Israeli academia is tainted with the Zionist thinking of projecting false facts upon piles of rubble and fragments of bones. This false academia is then disseminated across the world via the BBC, Sky, Fox and the Discovery Channel and History Channel, as well as numerous journals, newspapers and other pro-Zionist propaganda broadcasts. This implicitly teaches our children to think that Zionist racism (and its fake academic conclusions) is true, and that the Palestinians need to continue to die (with no protest from the West), because a wrathful Jewish god is punishing them! As a means to falsely associate themselves with great moments in history, the Zionists propagate the lie that the Jews were enslaved in Egypt and that they built the Pyramids. Although this myth is repeated in a Discovery Channel documentary about Rameses the Great, there is no historical evidence for it. Genuine academia knows this because the history of ancient Egypt is very well recorded and there is no mention of Jews living in Egypt, or that slaves built the pyramids. In fact, very clear Egyptian texts state that vast armies of expert craftsmen were hired, and that these masses of men were well paid, highly prized and very well looked after. We must not allow racist ideologies such as Zionism to corrupt world academia, as this has the potential to lower human understanding, undermine science, and reduce humanity back into a state of religious ignorance and war. The religious Jews know this and that is why they oppose Zionism. It is ironic that whereas the State of Israel tentatively supported a UN Resolution opposing the glorification of neo-Nazism, with the election of the religious bigot Donald Trump, Israel has changed its tune over such fascist regimes as that currently occupying Western Ukraine – stating that the Ukrainian people have a right to choose their political system. Interestingly, this rather liberal notion expressed by the Zionists in Tel Aviv (or is it Jerusalem?) does not extend to the ‘Socialist’ populations of Donetsk and Lugansk – both of which oppose fascism and are currently being attacked by US, UK and EU bombs. News article in the West also talk about the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) training the neo-Nazi forces of Kiev, with Israeli mercenaries volunteering for the fascist militias. The fore-fathers of the ‘Maidan’ neo-Nazis that the Zionist Israelis are supporting were the very Nazi Germans who carried-out the holocaust against the Jewish people!

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