How British Social Services ‘Steal’ Children to Hide the Effects of Austerity


You may have noticed an increase in ‘fostering’ adverts for FB users in the UK. The background to this is that Social Services are taking record numbers of children into care. Why is this happening? The parents (almost always working class), are being unjustly blamed for the ‘poverty’ they are being forced to live in during Tory Ausserity. Like the DWP, Social Services have colluded with the government by implementing these illegal cuts upon the population. As the Tories (and LibDems) have also closed care homes, the answer is to ship these poor children to White, middle class families living in places like ‘Cheam’. As Social Services has been implicated in institutional child sexual abuse cases, I think it should be closed down and its members investigated and charged with crimes against humanity. It should be replaced by a People’s Commission whose resposibility is to truly help (and not punish) those in need. Poverty is not a crime but a reality of class politics. It is the politicians who are responsible for it and not the ordinary people who suffer under it. I think it is disgusting that Social Services breaks families up to hide the true extent of the suffering caused by Austerity.

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