When Trotskyites Whinge….


Most of the time, the Trotskyites tend to ignore my criticisms of their hero Leon Trotsky, or my continuous exposure of their philosophical and historical lies and duplicity, but just recently, I have received what only can be described as ‘whinging’ from the Socialist Workers’ Party and one or two of its disaffected off-shoots. Why is this? Well, for one thing my counter-narratives are simply correct history used as a ‘corrective’ to Trotskyite deception, whilst my adherence to a pro-Soviet (pro-Stalin) Marxist-Leninist line completely wrong foots these would be deceivers of the working class. Due to the politics of the US-generated Cold War, Trotskyism was officially allowed (and encouraged) throughout the West as an alternative to Soviet-style Socialism (or to put it another way, ‘genuine’ Marxist-Leninism). Whilst the youth of today are often misled by Trotskyite rhetoric and disinformation, it is also true that many unions (and even ‘Communist’ parties) have been infiltrated by this compromise with bourgeois capitalism – falsely referred to as ‘Socialism’. I was advised twice in recent weeks that my opinions are misrepresenting the Trotskyites, and that we ‘should all work together’ toward a common end. The problem with this ‘entryism’ (or Trotskyite attempts to gain influence at any cost), is that whilst they seek to control and/or end all criticism of what they are doing, they continue along their merry way broadcasting anti-Soviet propaganda for all to hear. This means that the Trotskyites want me to stop exposing their false history and collaboration with capitalism, whilst they carry-on with the same abhorrent behaviour that has motivated my opposition in the first place! I can only assume that the Trotskyites are in trouble, and that my words have hit home in a more decisive manner than is usual. Whatever the case, do not fall for the Trotskyite deception and never join any of their groups. Trotskyites are fake history peddling liars, but watch out, they use all kinds of deception to attract your support!

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