Remember England’s Footballing Women – Text from Moses Waveman (12.7.2018)

England’s Football Team – 2015

My father – Peter Wyles – ‘phoned me two days ago and said that although he hoped England would beat the (fascist) Croatians, he was concerned that England would lose to Croatia – not because Croatia is better (far from it) – but because this young England side might lack stamina is it becomes a hard slog (which it did) after such a long tournament. As matters transpired, England lost 2:1 to Croatia in the Russia World Cup 2018 (semi-final) last night. This was ashame, as England scored first and looked magnificant!  This morning, my Dad sent the following text around 5:59am which read:

Our dream is not over dad

Still, England now play Belgium on Saturday for 3rd-4th place. In 1990 England played Italy for the 3rd-4th place and lost 2:1. If England can win this Saturday, then England will be ‘3rd’ in the FIFA World CUP – the highest world position (for men’s football) since 1966. We must not forget that the England Women’s Team made it to the semi-finals of the (Women’s) World Cup in 2015 – where they were beaten 2:1 by Japan. The England Women’s Team then beat Germany 1:0 to secure 3rd place. I think this is important as the achievement of England’s footballing women are being over-looked with the excitement and trauma surrounding the men’s World Cup.  We must wait and see if England’s men can equal England’s women!

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