When British People Supported the North Korean Football Team (1966)


When the Football World Cup was held in the UK in 1966, many ordinary British people supported England AND the football team of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). In the 8th World Cup held in the United Kingdom in 1966, the North Korean team made a big splash. In the group matches, the DPRK were cheered on by the British as they secured a 1:1 draw with Chile, and a 1:0 win Italy!


The DPRK were stationed in Middlesbrough – a working class area – the people of which immediately warmed to the North Koreans – with gifts being exchanged and crowds turning-out just to the DPRK train! Then, the DPRK travelled to Liverpool to take on Portugal in the Quarterfinals and experienced a similar embracing from the local people. In tha game, the North Koreans scored three quick goals, before Portugal came on strong and scored four – the DPRK exited the 1966 World Cup losing 4:3 – but gaining many British fans! I suspect this is why Marx thought the UK was the country most expected to develop a Socialist Revolution!

DPRK Defeat Italy!

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