The Error of ‘Normalising’ Marx


Karl Marx could see through the corruption of capitalism, and clearly wrote what he saw. With the help of Engels, he formulated ‘Scientific Socialism’ which seeks – through Revolution – to overthrow the current bourgeois, capitalist system, and establish in its place a Socialist society that rejects individualist greed and selfishness, and replace these negative attributes with a collective attitude of selflessness and altruism, held together through the pursuance of science at every level. With the legal eradication of capitalist oppression, class and inequality, this Socialist society will transition into a Communist existence where all old notions will have no meaning. This is very much viewed as a matter of politically led ‘evolutionary’ development. Marx and Engels developed this thinking during the 19th century, whilst Lenin, Stalin and Mao (amongst others) developed the dialectical thinking that defines Scientific Socialism for the 20th century. Trotskyism, of course, is something of a ‘still birth’ within Revolutionary thinking, a dialectical dead-end that impersonates certain aspects of Marxism, whilst surrendering to every aspect of the capitalist system and making peace with its oppressive nature. Karl Marx was a Revolutionary who demanded the over-throw of the existing capitalist system because it was quite literally ‘killing’ the working class en masse, as it milked every man, woman and child for the maximum profit through their exploited labour. Marx, motivated by a sense of compassion and justified by a genius intellect, did not want to tolerate the status quo and demanded that humanity develops its collective intellectual ability and acquire the dialectical insight to know when, where and how to act to best take advantage of every situation, so as to lead the working class to permanent political power. Throughout the 20th century, but particularly post-1945, the United States and its Western allies demonized Scientific Socialism, and orchestrated the replacement of Marxist-Leninist thinking amongst the Western working class with the bourgeois-friendly Trotskyism (although this effort can be dated from 1929, the time of Trotsky’s expulsion from the USSR). Today, there are calls from various sectors of capitalist society to ‘rehabilitate’ Marx, and in so doing separate him from the entire historical epoch of the USSR, Communist China, Socialist Cuba and Socialist Vietnam, etc. This is a monumental dialectical error that attempts to justify and normalise the false historical narrative about the USSR and every other progressive regime that developed during the 20th century. Much of this insistence has emerged from the so-called Trotskyite ‘left’, which whilst never inspiring any Revolution, or ending a capitalist manifestation anywhere in the world, still tries to ‘win’ in the end against Marxist-Leninism by declaring it corrupt and its history tantamount to that of admiring Nazi Germany. Marx must never be ‘normalised’ in this manner, as such a manoeuvre suggests that the capitalist world has ‘accommodated’ his thinking, and successfully ‘contained’ its Revolutionary content! No – Marxism must always remain ‘outside’ of capitalist normality and must not be allowed to have its wings clipped, its claws cut or its beak covered! Marxism and Marxist-Leninism must always make the capitalist cringe in fear, so that they moderate their selfish behaviour in preparation for their final over-throw! Long may the spectre of Marx haunt the minds of the corrupt and oppressive capitalists! It is Marxist-Leninism that must be embraced by the working class to finally defeat capitalism and bring an end to the deceptive and divisive ideology of Trotskyism!

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