Anti-Labour Media Smirks of Cold War Propaganda! (5.5.2018)

The British Establishment is Working With Zionist Israel To Prevent a Corbyn Victory!

From the manner in which the BBC and other media outlets reported the May 3rd (2018) Local Council Elections in England yesterday (both local and national), one would be mistaken for thinking that Theresa May’s Minority Government (and the Christian terrorist DUP that prop it up) has somehow experienced a Lazarus-type resurrection, and been emphatically endorsed by an adoring general public, when nothing could be further from the truth! This is because the media is anti-Socialist and is engaged in a deliberate smear campaign designed to oust a very successful Jeremy Corbyn from the leadership of Labour Party, and restore the ‘New’ Labour Project of embracing free market economics and predatory capitalism! Make no mistake about it, the mainstream media is not only supporting the Tory and Libdems, but also the rightwing of the Labour Party which would also like to see the end of Jeremy Corbyn and the severing of all ties between Labour and the Unions. A similar type of rightwing media manipulation was carried out by ‘New’ Labour when it held power (1997-2010). However, a ‘Socialist’ Labour under Corbyn did very well in the Local Elections yesterday, earning its best results in 47 years within London, and taking Plymouth in the usually staunch Tory stronghold of Devon. The Tories did badly (a result played-down by the BBC) across London and the UK, despite picking-up a disgruntled UKIP vote which did not turn into seats on Local Councils. In typical Cold War-style reporting, the BBC incredibly continues its downward slide into unprofessionalism by comparing ‘unlike’ with ‘unlike’ to create a negative and false impression of the enemy (in this case a left-leaning Labour). The BBC’s mantra has been that Labour experienced a 1.5% swing to it in London, but that this result was ‘negated’ by a 1% swing to the Tories outside of London. This type of stupidity is the kind of jingoistic reporting prevalent in the racist and righting ‘Sun’ newspaper – the difference being that as a nation, we are all forced to finance the BBC in its ludicrous attempt at brainwashing the general public! The very real difference, and the true story of the day, is that the swing toward Labour turned into seats, whilst the swing toward the Tories did not – who were often beaten into second place by the Libdems in traditional Tory strongholds. Even the local press in Sutton (Southwest London) reported that only 41.16% of eligible voters turned-out to elect a Libdems Local Council, but failed to mention what percentage of that turn-out voted for Labour! The false impression given locally is that ‘no one’ voted Labour which is untrue, but this is the message that the national media is trying to concoct. Every Labour success is either ignored, denied or down-played, whilst every Libdems and Tory disaster (and there are many) is presented as a great popular victory about to happen!  The reason all this is happening is because the British people are nolonger in control of their own country which is being manipulated by the US and the EU, both of which are rightwing, anti-Socialist, anti-worker, and anti-Russian!

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