Walking Amongst the Enemy (2014) – US Revisionist WWII Film – Hungarian Nazism Justified

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This US made-film was produced in 2014, and corresponds to President Obama’s arming, funding and protecting of various neo-Nazi groups throughout Eastern Europe. The neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ – encouraged by the US – illegally over-threw the democratically government of the Ukraine in 2014, and has continued to unleash violence against any individuals or groups that show any resistance to the ‘Maidan’ admiration of Adolf Hitler. This situation has been media-managed in the West to portray the ‘Maidan’ neo-Nazis as ‘freedom fighters’ and the brave (and small) Socialist Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk (in Eastern Ukraine) as ‘terrorists’. This is a bizarre reversal of reality which sees neo-Nazi aggression and genocide supported by the West, and stoic resistance of Donetsk and Lugansk (which can be viewed as being very similar to the UK resisting Nazi Germany during WWII), as being the actions of maniacs and psychopaths! It is ironic that the US had to wait for its first African-American President before it officially (and openly) adopted a pro-neo-Nazi position in the world. The very racist ideology that tortured and hanged Black people from trees throughout America’s history, has now become the American yard-stick for measuring ‘freedom’.

Walking Amongst the Enemy is similarly a disgusting re-writing of history for a dumbed-down general public. The blurb on the cover depicts the hero as treading the thin line between Nazi oppression and the threat of Soviet Communism – but in so doing white-washes the atrocious history of Hungary during WWII! The Hungarian government sided with Nazi Germany both prior to and during WWII. This was a popular move throughout the middle classes of Hungary, and through media propaganda led to millions of volunteers entering the Hungarian military. The Hungarian military assisted Nazi Germany with its invasion of the USSR between 1941-1945 – and Hungarian troops took part in various massacres and atrocities against Jews, homosexuals, Communists, the disabled, and anyone who resisted their presence in any way. This Obama-era film omits all of this, and also fails to explain to the audience that the USSR was an ally of the US during WWII, and that the US government actively encouraged the Soviet Red Army to crush any and all allies of Nazi Germany – including Hungary. This film is very much part of an American-led re-writing of history to an illiterate US population that gets much of its information from TV and cinema. The Hungarians during WWII were not ‘heroes’ but ‘villains’ of the highest order! It was only after the Soviet Red Army destroyed the Hungarian fascist governments that the oppressed and down-trodden Hungarian working class was allowed to take power and initiate a very successful and progressive Socialist System. This film is fiction portrayed as fact.

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