Christian Compassion and the NHS in Sutton (Southwest London)

When I look around England (as opposed to the UK or GB), I see a varying and disintegrating NHS. This is particularly true of GP Surgeries – which are busy privatising and generating profit for their share-holders. In Sutton (Southwest London), 3 NHS GP Surgeries are being cut and some of the resources re-located to the NHS GP Surgery at Robinhood Lane. This is being achieved by closing-down a purpose-built gymnasium designed for disabled people. All these decisions have been taken without consultation by the LibDems Local Council. Robinhood Lane is now a terrible NHS GP Surgery with doctors deliberately applying blocking measures to prevent diagnosis and treatment. Things are so bad that as a family we have had to access NHS treatment outside of London to cure common ailments. If the NHS had stayed true to its Socialist underpinnings, then it would still be administered by a compassionate State. This is not the case today, as the LibDems and Tories are set on introducing an American-style healthcare system premised upon medical insurance. In other words, the poor and the ordinary will not get treated. Whilst looking around NHS GP Surgeries in my local area, I received good reports about the Cheam Family Practice. When I looked at why it was that this place still helps its patience I discovered this statement:

Mission Statement

We aim to demonstrate the love of Jesus for our patients and staff by providing the highest quality service and care and by recognising the dignity and worth of every individual person.

Explanation of our Mission Statement

As a Christian Practice we look to emulate the biblical example of Jesus Christ who demonstrated the highest possible level of care for all people, completely without prejudice or discrimination.

If you would like to know more about our motivation or beliefs, please feel free to ask a member of staff.

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