Psychometric Trotsky Test


This is a word association test designed to root-out reactionary Trotskyite elements. If you disagree with the answers in this test, or if you feel insulted or offended by this test, then the test has served its function and you have been revealed as a ‘Trotskyite’. If this decision applies to you, you must act quickly. Immediately separate yourself from all Trotskyite material and groups, and seek help at your nearest Marxist-Leninist centre of activity:

Trotsky = traitor

Trotskyite = treacherous follower of Trotsky

Trotskyism = collaboration with capitalism

Trotskyite anti-fascism = collaboration with fascism

Trotskyite Socialism = collaboration with capitalism

Trotskyite Communism = collaboration with capitalism

Trotskyite Unionism = collaboration with capitalism

Trotskyite dialectics = collaboration with capitalism

Trotskyite history = justification of capitalism

Trotskyite Internationalism = racist nationalism

Trotskyite Revolution = maintaining the capitalist status quo

Trotskyite Marxism = Trotsky’s ideas about things

Trotsky’s critique of the USSR = lies

Trotskyite purpose = destroy Scientific Socialism

Trotsky’s permanent revolution = nothing

Trotskyite solidarity = Zionism


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