Seeing Through Alan Watts


It is perhaps the most ironic of facts, that if the theosophy of Alan Watts is pursued to its ultimate rational conclusion, it does not matter whether you listen to him or not. Of course, this former public schoolboy from Britain – transplanted into the US – lectured for money, whilst advising those who paid to see him, not to worry about money. Obviously those without money could not pay to hear him lecture. The point is that alternative spirituality has always been a cash-cow in the West where people with no social consciousness whatsoever, are perfectly willing to part with their money in pursuit of religious imaginations and theistic myths. Alan Watts was well educated and well-spoken. He was in every way the perfect incarnation of the British middle class that had spawned him. As is usual for that class, the economic freedom that it experiences as enhanced leisure, is mistaken as universal spiritual freedom, and presented as such, but where does this ‘freedom’ originate? The bourgeoisie itself would have you believe that it is ‘god given’, and therefore ‘natural’, but this is part of the dishonesty that defines middle class existence. The leisure time and opulent lifestyle that the middle class enjoys originates solely through the toil of the working class. Through the efforts of the working class all of society’s needs are met. All the technological goods, food, clothing and medicines, etc, are produced through the labour of the workers, who are never paid the true value of the work they perform. If the workers send 12 hours producing in a factory per day, the management pays the minimum to survive for perhaps 6 of those hours – and spreads the money over the full 12 hours (Marx termed this base exploitation the generation of ‘surplus value’). This exploitative situation exists because the workers do not own the means of production, or the product produced – all they own is their physical labour which they have no choice but to sell to the lowest bidder. The middle class own the means of production (and the products manufactured) and ensure that the workforce generates the maximum output for the least pay. The workers earn the leisure time within society that the middle class steal for their own enjoyment. The middle class organise the workers, but do no physical labour themselves. They steal the wealth created by the workers, and use it to sustain their own lavish lifestyles. This freedom enjoyed by the middle class is a socio-economic category that has nothing to do with ‘god’, or any other imagined ‘spiritual’ existence. The workers are paid the least to eke-out a basic living, whilst the middle class take the maximum to embellish further their already privileged lifestyles. Once this understanding is established, it becomes obvious that all these middle class ‘gurus’ are doing nothing but moving random ideas around in their heads, in an expressed manner that brings a certain kind of re-assurance to other members of their own class. Working class people have their existences taken-up with the practicalities of material life and how to survive it (such is the poverty enforced upon the proletariat by the bourgeoisie). The middle class, however, whilst inhabiting the inverted mind-set that it undoubtedly does, believe that all the (stolen) freedom they enjoy could be enjoyed by the workers, if only the workers were not so lazy, ignorant, or prone to vice. The reality is that no matter what vices infect the existence of the workers, they have been planted there by the middle class that exploits them. The workers, through their hard work, generate the conditions of high cultural leisure that their middle class exploiters enjoy. If the workers were paid what they were worth, and shared in the leisure their labour generates, then the bourgeoisie would lose its lavish lifestyle. The only times in history when this has occurred is during Socialist upheavals and Communist Revolutions. Perhaps this is why Alan Watts refers to Adolf Hitler as a ‘force of nature’ (like an earthquake), rather than telling the truth of the matter, namely that fascism is capitalism in decline, and that Hitler’s crimes were allowed to happen by the very capitalist economic system that the middle class had already created. In exactly the same socio-economic ‘space’ that Alan Watts peddles his pseudo-intellectualism, Adolf Hitler contrived his pogroms and Concentration Camps.

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