Crimes of Cinema: The Soviet Story (Edvins Snore – 2008)


If you had any doubts that the European Union (EU) was a rightwing, totalitarian political entity (and natural successor to Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime), look no further than this film. In 2008, the EU sponsored film entitled ‘The Soviet Story’ was issued, with a soundtrack that included its script rendered into 30 different languages (designed to facilitate the spread of its anti-Soviet propaganda throughout the language groups of Europe and beyond).  Specifically, this film was funded by the sinister Union European of Nations (UEN) – a rightwing and far-rightwing grouping of nations within the European Union.  As of June, 2009, the Member States of the EU that were also members of UEN were Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia.  UEN is an EU accommodation of far-right MEP’s from its constituent nations.  The EU has no comparable ‘leftwing’ grouping for MEP’s elected from the Socialist or Communist left.  This is because the EU is essentially an imperialist adventure that manifests the free market economics and anti-Communist politics of the USA (implemented via Berlin and the European Parliament). The ‘Producer’ of this film was one ‘Edvīns Snore’, a member of the far-right Latvian political entity ‘Popular Front of Latvia’ (Latvian: Latvijas Tautas fronte), an ultra-nationalist party premised upon Latvian White Supremacy and the production of anti-Soviet revisionist history.  The Popular Front of Latvia mirrors other similar far-right, fascistic movements that were encouraged and financed by the USA in surrounding countries (such as Estonia and Lithuania, etc), initially as a project to bring-down the Soviet System.  After 1991, these parties (and their political descendents in the region), have been used as a means to attack and de-stabilise modern Russia, and to encourage a neo-Nazi uprising in the Ukraine. This is the historical and political background to the revisionist film ‘The Soviet Story’, which follows the classic far-right policy of conflating Hitler’s Nazi regime with the Soviet Communist System, as a means to turn the international working class away from embracing Scientific Socialism, and to continue within its existence of bourgeois servitude, disunity, and racialised aggression.  A working class that is disunited, is fodder for far-right recruitment.  Instead of blaming the bourgeois class for all the suffering and inequalities the workers suffer (Scientific Socialism), the far-right encourages the workers to blame one another, and to separate into competing ‘nationalist’ or ‘racial’ groups. As long as the workers fight one another, they can never unite long enough to collectively confront the true origin of all their woes – the bourgeoisie.  The Soviet Story is far-right mythology funded by EU (and US) money, and is an ‘ahistorical’ approach to Soviet history.  This is why it has won no ‘real’ or ‘significant’ academic accolades outside of the rightwing regimes of Latvia and Estonia.  It presents a skewed version of history that seeks to ‘distance’ (and therefore ‘legitimise’) the modern political far-right in Europe, from its historical roots within Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime (whilst continuing to pursue the same racist ideology). As the far-right utilises the ‘inverted’ mind-set of the bourgeoisie (because it is a manifestation of capitalism in decline), its approach to its own history is dishonest and illogical. Although the onus is to brutalise and destroy, the far-right also attempts to simultaneously appeal to the bourgeois sense of hypocritical morality – where pogroms within polite society are simply not tolerated (but are otherwise expected to be carried-out behind the scenes). To this end, the far-right misuses the poorly educated and misled working class to commit its ongoing crimes against humanity.  The Soviet Story is such a crime.  It is a crime against the USSR, the Soviet peoples, and the modern Russians who are its descendents.  It is also a project of ‘disrespect’ aimed at all the millions of innocent victims of Adolf Hitler’s regime during WWII.  The Soviet Story is a far-rightwing ‘racist’ lie, perpetuated by Eastern European neo-Nazi White Supremacists that were created in their respective countries by the invading Nazi troops of Adolf Hitler’s destructive regime.  People like Edvins Snore perpetuate the far-rightwing inversion that the Nazi invasions (and subsequent holocausts) committed in Eastern European countries, were in fact acts of ‘liberation’, and that the Soviet Red Army ‘liberations’ of these very same countries, (secured at a terrible price in Soviet troops and civilians), were actually acts of ‘invasion’.  The Soviet re-building of these countries involved the Soviet providing of food, hospitals, schools, libraries, benefit systems, and factories, etc, as well as recreational facilities, and other progressive works, and these progressive and positive Soviet acts of ‘internationalism’ are presented by Edvins Snore as the true ‘holocaust’.  Edvins Snore and his ilk are symbolic of workers historically ‘damaged’ by the constant oppression they live under, as perpetuate by the bourgeois system, which they simply do not possess the progressive education to ‘see’ beyond, and so they fully conform to it. Those who are so inclined may watch this film as a means to understand how the far-right, inverted bourgeois mind-set operates, when given free-rein by the capitalists.  The Soviet Story, of course, is exactly NOT ‘The Soviet Story’, but rather the history of the success of Hitler’s Nazi ideology as it continues to permeate the institutes of the US and the EU, and misrepresent all historical resistance to it.  Make no mistake about it, the Soviet Union was a solid Socialist bulwark against the far-right and highly destructive ideology of Adolf Hitler.  This is reflected in the Soviet casualties for the Great Patriotic War (1941-45) which range between 27 – 40 million dead men, women and children.  This is a shocking price to pay to keep Europe free of fascism, and it is particularly indicative of the moral degradation of the EU that it has to plunge to such depths as openly supporting the far-right, in its pathetic attempts to re-write history.

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