Do Not Worship Cause and Effect


Our societies are full of bourgeois spiritualities that have no basis in logic and reason, and whilst purporting to offer a ‘higher’ path, are in fact an anchor weighing down on the heads of the working class, (and in the case of distorted Buddhism, quite literally),  These bourgeois entities mirror religious structure and spiritual instruction, but never (except in the case of radical or fringe practitioners) question the inequalities or injustices inherent within the capitalist, liberal democratic, bourgeois societies that have spawned them.  This is exactly the point of these bourgeois spiritualities, they claim to offer ‘freedom’ but freedom from what?  It certainly is not the injustices, war and famine perpetuated by the outer societies within which they exist, or the class oppression meted-out by the bourgeoisie itself upon the working class.  These ‘spiritual’ paths are follies for the wealthy, and those who already possess systemic political power and the means to guide culture along a non-threatening path, so as not to compromise the class privilege already amassed through the stolen profit of the labour of others.  In this sense, (and all others), bourgeois spirituality is nothing but a ‘muse’ to entertain the middle classes when they get momentarily bored of the opulence that surrounds them, but even then, opulence tends to dictate the inner and outer structures of the philosophy and theology that often offers a better tomorrow, but which as of yet, has never been proven to be true.  All these paths imply and infer that they possess a ‘higher’ knowledge as yet unknown by rational science, or the enquiring minds of humanity.  In other words, they peddle speculative and highly imaginative post-death scenarios, promising the living that when dead, they will carry-on living!  A question that everyone should be asking is this; does life mean so much now (with all its disasters, pain, suffering, and momentary pleasures), that anyone in their right minds would want to repeat the process again, albeit in somekind of disembodied format?

Although this generally goes unacknowledged, rational science has solved the meaning of existence, but not many people (accept for the Buddha in ancient India, and one or two others around the world) have realised this.  To build the picture, exactly the same thing happens before death, as it does after death, and our individual opinions about this natural process do not matter one iota, as the universe simply continues to do its ‘thing’ irrespective of how we might fell about it.  What is this ground-breaking realisation?  It is simplicity itself, as it is merely the observation that everything happens due to ‘cause and effect’, nothing more.  All the rest of the accumulated ‘junk’ of religiosity that has accrued over-time is simply an obscuration of this fact.  Such muddled religious teaching is like trying to formulate an echo, or define a shadow, none of it works, but instead forces humanity into religiously inspired ghettoes of the mind and body existence.  This type of limited religious thought creates the prisons it claims to possess the keys to.  Of course, ‘religion’ will not like hearing this insight because it directly ‘sees through’ Bourgeois obscuration and threatens its very existence by revealing its inherent redundancy.

Much of contrived religion is about keeping the masses looking in the wrong place for universal truth.  Universal truth does exist, and rational science has already de-mystified it and made it readily available, even if that science exists within bourgeois societies, and presents this truth though that political outlook.  The point is that science found universal truth by breaking away from the limitations of Judeo-Christian theology.  However, as it serves the class interests of the bourgeoisie to keep perpetuating the ignorance of theology, the toiling masses are kept from further and higher education, and encouraged to worship in a church rather than carry-out rational scientific research in a laboratory.  Why is this?  It is because rationality reveals the stupidity of capitalism as a defining economic system – as Albert Einstein pointed-out.  If the whole of society worked this out for itself, the capitalist system would collapse from within, washing away its rotting infrastructure of support.  Instead of middle class universities excluding the masses and compromising with the irrationality (i.e. read ‘greed’) of capitalism, they would have to throw all their academic weight behind actively participating in the revolutionary process of encouraging and guiding the evolutionary process for the betterment of humanity.

The churches need not be abolished – they must simply start telling the truth – and those who follow Buddhism should stop pretending it is Christianity, or a method for gaining money from the gullible and unsuspecting.  Islam should release that the modern and rational mind ‘worships’ Allah every time it creates a medicine that saves countless lives, and Brahmanism should let its natural beauty (as bright as the sun) shine through.  Science has existed in the past in all parts of the world, and this is a fact that must be understood.  Many ancient cultures had ‘science’ and used their collective minds to influence the world.  Modern science is, of course, a refinement of this process, but science within capitalist societies is currently dominated by a restrictive bourgeois straitjacket that prevents it from truly shining.  This is science polluted by the search for perpetual monetary gain and momentary advantage.  For science to truly fulfil its ‘emancipatory’ (i.e. ‘religious’) function, it must be ‘freed’ from this limited control.  Rational thought must be freed from inner psychological conditioning, and outer societal conditioning for humanity’s true potential to be unleashed for a better tomorrow.  The real mystery is how conventional religion has survived so long through delivery so little, but of course, it is no mystery at all.  That which is corrupt or of no rational use, is kept in place by a political class because it suits that class’s long-term purposes.  Religion as it currently exists (even its good manifestation) keeps humanity at a certain level of thought, and does not allow any progress beyond this point.  The working class, simply for evolutionary purposes, must progress beyond the limitations of theology for the betterment of the psychological and physical health of humanity.

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