US Support for China’s War Against Japan

In 1882, the US Government passed the infamous (and racially motivated) Chinese Exclusion Act.  This law targeted a single group of people specifically because of their distinct ethnicity.  Anti-Chinese racism is and has been rampant throughout the history of the United States, despite a Chinese presence in that land for centuries.  The injustice of this situation is compounded by the fact that Chinese men helped to build the rail-road across the country, whilst working in near slave-like and very dangerous conditions, and separated from their families (who were usually not allowed into the US).  This anti-China racist sentiment was further extended by the provisions of the 1924 Asian Exclusion Act (also known as the ‘1924 Immigration Act’), which was used to confirm and extend the bar on Chinese migration into the US to include Japanese, Philippinos, Koreans, Thais, Vietnamese, Burmese, Indians, Sri Lankans, Malaysians and many more.  Below is a collection of US-produced propaganda posters trying to convince a hostile and racist White population in the US, that people in China are their allies, since they had been fighting the Japanese for years before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941.  Of course, Mao Zedong and the Communists are ignored, and laughingly, the mass murder Chiang Kai Shek is presented giving a non-existant speech about spreading liberal democracy (see Taiwan’s ‘White Terror’ and the Nationalist’s appalling record in China).  However, US hypocrisy aside, this article (drawn from the Chinese language internet) is an interesting and important historical document.  The US propagandists had to switch the perception of Chinese people being ‘non-human’, to that of being not only ‘human’, but very much like ‘White Americans’.  My particular favourite (primarily due to its ‘Pythonesque’ quality) is the picture with the word ‘Chinese’ next to a photograph of an Asian man – with the caption: ‘This man is your friend’!  Notice also how the Chinese women are depicted with hairstyles like Western women, and how the Nationalist Republic (which destroyed the Shaolin Temple in 1928) is depicted as being akin to the founding of the USA (when in fact the Nationalist regime was non-democratic).  Of course, as soon the Chinese people chose Communism as part of their expression of democratic self-determination, the US resorted to ‘type’, and simply re-instated anti-Chinese racism throughout their nation – and instead converting their former fascist enemy of the ‘Japanese’ into their ‘new’ best friend against Maoist China (and using similar pro-Japanese propaganda to convince a more or less ignorant population that the Japanese atrocities committed during WWII against the West and Asia nolonger mattered):









Original Chinese Language Source Article:!

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