My Father’s Old Waving Chair…


In the garden of our family home in Torquay, my father’s old chair slowly returns to its own inherent nature.  This is where my father used to sit to replenish his spiritual energy between bouts of intense waving anywhere on the road between Paignton and Torquay. When I discussed this chair with him recently, he said do not worry about it – nature takes care of its own.  Now the old chair has a new beauty all of its own, outside that of human utility.  This chair was once a tree (or a group of trees), and now slowly merging back into the nature from which it came.  This is how my father sees himself today.  He is three-quarters conscious light now, and only one-quarter physicality.  He says that like his chair, he is returning to the primordial light from which he came.  No sadness and no joy, things are just happening as they should.  My father’s primary message is ‘do not be afraid’ of the cycles of nature, they exist to guides us from one state to another.




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