The Racist Rhetoric of the Pro-Tibetan Movement

Tibetan Invasion of South-West China (c. 8th Century CE)

Millions of Tibetans peacefully live in provinces in south-west China, bordering (or near to) Tibet, and have done for hundreds of years.  These people have their own language, cultural customs and Buddhist traditions, which Chinese people often participate in.  Conversely, many Tibetans people explore Chinese culture and spirituality.  This situation has come about historically because hundreds of years ago, Tibetan warriors invaded China from Tibet (in the 8th century CE), and politically united their homeland of Tibet with China.  It was in fact the pre-Buddhist Tibetans who, by extending Tibetan territory, political power and cultural influence, permanently bound the two countries of Tibet and China together.  Initially, the area of south-west China was politically annexed under Tibetan control for decades, but when China eventually regained control of its own territory (now full of millions of Tibetans), Tibet was naturally retained (as part of China) by the will and consent of the Tibetan people living in south-west China.  This happened because the Tibetans in China now viewed south-west China as being part of a greater Tibet, and did not want the Tibetan empire to be broken-up.

There are many more examples of early Tibetan imperialism in the region, with ruthless Tibetan warriors attacking and destroying other countries surrounding Tibet, but this bloody history is played-down and hidden – not in Tibet itself (which is a modern and civilised country), and not amongst China’s peaceful and vibrant Tibetan population – but rather in the rightwing and racist rhetoric of the Western created and supported Pro-Tibetan Movement, which has its roots in the CIA presence in Tibet in the 1950’s (I have written about this elsewhere).  This essentially ‘Cold War’ rhetoric presents the Tibetan people through a highly racialised filter, very much in the mould of WWII era Japanese militarism and fascism (which depicted the Japanese people as being both physically and spiritually superior to all other ethnic groups).  It is also something akin to Hitlerism, and the notion of a ‘pure race’ and of a race of ‘supermen’.  To add fuel to this toxic fire, this ‘imagined’ Tibet is mythologised as being a victim of eternal ‘injustice’ (very much in the mould of the Jewish racism of Zionism).  The Tibetans in China and Tibet do not subscribe to this Eurocentric view of themselves, and do not view themselves as ‘invaded’ or living under ‘duress’.  However, as the Dalai Lama and his clique, live a life of luxury in the West (at the tax-payers expense), those Tibetans (and misguided Westerners) who have fallen under the CIA’s influence are basically ‘paid’ to perpetuate this ignorance throughout the Western world.  A crucial element of this misrepresentation of Tibet and China, is the racialisation of Chinese people, so that they are depicted as the ‘cause of all evil’ (very much how Hitler misrepresented German Jews), and therefore racially ‘inferior’ when compared to racially ‘superior’ (and entirely imagined) ‘Tibetans’ as envisioned by the Pro-Tibetan Movement.  Supporting the Pro-Tibetan Movement is to support anti-Chinese, Eurocentric racism perpetuated by paid informants of the CIA, whose only motivation is the destruction of Chinese Communism.

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