Hague: UK Murders 500,000 Chinese Communists (1965)


It is ironic that the West in general, and the UK inparticular, perpetuates the racist myth that its Judeo-Christian, capitalist culture, is superior to any other, particularly those found in Africa, Asia and South America, etc, and yet the UK has just been found guilty (by a Hague International Tribunal) of Crimes Against Humanity.  This is the second time in about a month that this has happened (with the UN previously finding the UK guilty of Crimes Against Humanity for the murder of around 10,000 people with disabilities due to sudden cuts in welfare and medical care from 2010 onwards, perpetuated by the Tories and LibDem governments).  During the US fabricated ‘Cold War (which continuously presented the Communist Bloc as being tyrannical), the UK, despite its leftwing leanings, fully participated in this project of demonisation, and in 1965 conspired with the US and Australia to orchestrate a massacre on a breath-taking scale, of ethnic Chinese men, women and children living in Indonesia.  By the time the rapes, tortures, maiming and killings were over, around 500,000 people lay dead.  The UK provided political, financial and military aid to a ruthless rightwing and highly fascistic Indonesian regime, that was supported by the West – not because it was good’ or ‘kind’ to its own people (it was neither) – but because it pursued a ruthless racist policy toward all non-Indonesians (mimicking a Western racism that ironically also saw ethnic Indonesians as being ‘racially inferior’), and was naturally anti-Communist.


The International People’s Tribunal at The Hague has ruled that Indonesia committed crimes against humanity, and that assisted by the UK, US and Australia, committed “cruel and unspeakable murders” and participated in the “unjustifiable imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of people without trial”.  As well as disturbing allegations of ‘cannibalism’ (where crazed Indonesian killers ate body parts of their dead Chinese victims), sexual violence was perpetuated against Chinese women (and children) in a hate campaign that lasted from at least 1965 – 1967.  This was a genocidal campaign fuelled by Indonesian prejudice against ethnic Chinese people, and intensified and encouraged by Western racism, and anti-working class sentiment.  The racism against Chinese people in the West is so prolific that many authors wrote long articles playing down the massacres the UK encouraged and backed, instead implying that very few Chinese people died, and even if they did die – so these racist authors implied – they deserved what they got because they were ‘Communists’.  This corrupt supporters of capitalism have tried to blame the Communists for the very massacre that was perpetuated against them – rather like how White police who murder Black people always blame the victim. They have done this in an attempt to protect the Western governments who puled the murderous strings in the shadows. Although Socialism and Communism has been popular throughout the Chinese diaspora, it is doubtful that all the 500,000 murdered Chinese people in Indonesia were Communists, or even interested in politics – outside of trying to survive in an inherently ‘racist’ Indonesian State.  It is interesting to note that even the Hague participates in this anti-Chinese racism by deliberately sanitising the language of its report and omitting the descriptive word ‘Chinese’ from its judgement.  This gives the false impression that the 500,000 murdered men, women and children were people of varying ethnicity, and that the massacre was ‘general’ in scope.  This is untrue.  This massacre was racially motivated against Chinese people that by and large had no direct connection with Communist China (even if some were Communists).  However, as the murdering was so intense and barbaric, Communist China did send boats to try and evacuate as many Chinese people as possible, but even this action was unable to prevent the mass killings.


The Hague’s decision is non-binding, but nevertheless legally authoritative.  This means that recognised international standards of law and investigation have been applied to the details of this case, and that certain points of fact have been ‘legally’ established through an objective process of evidence gathering and analysis.  This process allows criminal activity committed by Nation States, to be revealed and not arbitrarily ‘blocked’ by political means employed by the countries concerned.  What the Indonesian massacres reveal is that the capitalist West will take any action whatsoever to protect its own inherent greed and structures of class privilege.  Whereas the US continuously perpetuated myths of Communist massacres (never proven in a court of law) – going as far as even raising an anti-Communist statue in Washington to these ‘imagined’ victims – in true inverted bourgeois fashion, the US (along with the UK and Australia in this instance) committed the massacres they accused others of perpetuating.  It is more the case that it is the continuing victims of capitalism that not only need a statue – but also a revolution.  In the meantime, Chinese people living outside of China, continue to follow their culture is a self-contained manner, because of the racism and prejudice aimed at them as an ethnic group.  No doubt this latest Crime Against Humanity committed by the UK will be swept under rug, but the important point to remember is that it has been exposed and can nolonger be denied.


Australia, UK, US all complicit in Indonesian 1965 massacres, international judges say

A non-binding international tribunal at The Hague has found Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States were complicit in facilitating the 1965 mass killings in Indonesia.

Key points:

  • 500,000 Indonesians killed in anti-communist purge at height of Cold War
  • Report found Australia continued to back army despite knowing about the killings
  • President Joko Widodo has refused to apologise for historic murders

An estimated half a million people perished in what was one of the worst massacres of the 20th Century. The killings were triggered by a failed coup that led to the deaths of six army generals, followed by the mass targeting of communists.

The International People’s Tribunal at The Hague has now ruled that Indonesia committed crimes against humanity, but the finding is non-binding and carries no legal weight.

The judges found allegations of “cruel and unspeakable murders” and the “unjustifiable imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of people without trial” was well founded.

“It has also been demonstrated that sexual violence, particularly against women, was systematic and routine, especially during the period 1965 to 1967,” the report said.

The judges found Indonesia responsible for the crimes and called for the current administration to apologise and to institute investigations and prosecutions of those perpetrators who are still alive.

“Furthermore, the archives should be opened and the real truth on these crimes against humanity should be established,” the judges said.

The tribunal’s report found Australia, the US and the UK complicit by using propaganda to manipulate international opinion in favour of the Indonesian army.

The report said Australia and the UK, ” … shared the US aim of seeking to bring about the overthrow of president Sukarno.”

“They continued with this policy even after it had become abundantly clear that killings were taking place on a mass and indiscriminate basis. On balance, this appears to justify the charge of complicity,” the report said.

The report detailed horrifying details of rape and torture, including accused communists being forced to drink soldiers’ urine, while in other cases victims’ ears were cut off and they were forced to consume them.

According to the report, other acts of torture included, burning body parts, electric shocks, water torture, pulling out of fingernails and tying victims inside a sack with snakes.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo has said he will not apologise for the historic atrocity, but the report argued it was his duty to do so.

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