And Still the Tories Remain in Power…

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The current Tory Administration of the UK is not only dead in the water, but severely ‘holed’ beneath the water-line.  As a government it is unable to lead the nation and is not fit for purpose.  The despicably rightwing Labour Party is busy assisting the Tory cause by fighting to get rid of its current Socialist Labour leader – Jeremy Corbyn.  The Tories and Labour are exactly the same and prefer to pursue a centre-right political agenda in the UK.  The British economy has gotten worse since 2010 – with a massive increase in ’empty’ debt for a nation that has now been subject to 6 years of ‘austerity’.  The money stolen from the welfare and health budget, has been diverted into private hands (as nationalised assets are sold-off), or used to finance tax-cuts for the already wealthy.  The Tories have failed on the British economy, which is indicative of the moribund nature  of Tory thinking.  What they have managed to do is murder between 10,000 to 80,000 disabled people in the UK through the very benefit and medical cuts used to give the rich a tax-break. This explains why the Tory (and previous LibDem) Administration has recently been found ‘guilty’ of crimes against humanity in a recent United Nations report investigating the impact of ‘austerity’ on the vulnerable living in the UK.  The naturally bias rightwing media of the UK prefers to focus on what Jeremy Corbyn had for breakfast (and its implication for the nation), rather than turn its guns on David Cameron and former DWP overlord – Ian Duncan Smith (the architect of this Holocaust of the Disabled).  The UK remains the only European country to have been a) investigated by the UN for Crimes Against Humanity, and b) found ‘guilty’ of Crimes Against Humanity by the UN – whilst the British media and political establishment treat this fact as a sideshow.  Why are the Tories still in power after being found guilty of murdering the disabled population of the UK?

The British economy is worse today than before the Tories came to power in 2010, and the Tories (and LibDems) have been found guilty of Crimes Against Humanity by the UN.  Furthermore, levels of homelessness has dramatically risen (as the Tories have abolished Social Housing), and due to the implementation of ‘zero-hours’ contracts, and benefit cuts, poverty has reached a level in the UK unknown since the Victorian Era.  The UK now sees working people queuing alongside the unemployed for food parcels, so bad has life become for the ordinary people of the UK – and still the discredited Tories cling to power.  Added to this long list of deadly failures can be the fact that David Cameron personally called the UK Referendum that led directly to the British people voting to ‘leave’ the European Union (EU).  In this regard, the Tories failed the corporate capitalists that funded them in power, and who have benefited greatly from the EU gravy train – and still the Tories remain in power.  In fact, although ‘dead in the water’, and not taking any tangible action to get the UK out of the EU, the Tories are pushing forward behind the scenes with all their further planed welfare cuts and NHS privatisation.  In fact, the Tories have completely ignored the UN judgement and are continuing to kill the vulnerable of the UK by withdrawing benefits and medical services.  Although the Tories have stopped ‘running’ the country effectively, they are still inflicting their destructive policies of ‘slash and burn’ upon the nation, and people are still dying!  Not only this, but the Tories have cut the pittance of a bursary previously allotted to training nurses and midwives, who have to work 12 hour shifts (day and night) in wards with dangerously low levels of qualified staff, medical supplies and medical equipment.  These young women do this for 3 years as they train, receiving just £60 a week for their efforts.  The Tory government think this is ‘too much’ to pay these extraordinary women.  Cutting the bursary is part of the ongoing privatisation of the NHS, as it means young women (and sometimes men) will nolonger be able to afford to train to work in the NHS.  This is exactly what the Tories want – no staff training for the NHS makes it easier to close-down the NHS.  The most recent NHS cut is the shutting of Heart Units throughout the UK, depriving this vulnerable group of any effective care or treatment.  Despite this appalling record in public office, still the Tory remains…  This is surely reason enough to take to the streets next Saturday (July 16th) and participate in a huge demonstration called by the People’s Assembly!

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