Random Observations of a Mad Loner…


The bourgeois State paints any and all who oppose it in anyway (through either legal or illegal activity) as being ‘mad loners’.  Furthermore, the bourgeois media assists in this process by ridiculing the motivations for this ‘resisting’ action, and demeaning any and all associated individuals and groups.  The bourgeois State has to ‘separate’ and ‘isolate’ the protesting individual from mainstream society, so that he or she does not become a beacon of hope and inspiration to others   This character assassination is a well-practised response from the authorities, who manipulate the available information to deliberately ‘confuse’ and ‘muddle’ the situation in the minds of the general public.  Finally, whatever motivation or cause lay behind the protesting activity, the general public’s attention must be diverted away from this actual reason (such as racism in the police, for instance), and firmly focused upon how dreadful a person the protester was.  Although the moral implications vary for different protesting events, the bourgeois State will always seek to demonise its citizens to protect its own hegemony.  Whatever the actual situation for each protesting event, the bourgeois State will ‘prevent’ the full facts from being disseminated throughout society.  Whatever motivated the protest is crushed alongside the individuals involved.

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