Tory’s Two Child ‘Rape’ Policy for Britain’s Poor

Now, this odious Tory government has issued guidelines stating that a woman with more than ‘two’ children must ‘prove’ that she was ‘raped’ for the pregnancies of children from number three upwards – and not be in regular contact with, or living near ‘the rapist’. If a woman can prove that every pregnancy after the 2nd child was the result of being ‘raped’, then the Tory government will grant those children a small amount of benefit to keep starvation at bay.

May Mimicking Major at Lords!

The Tories may well think that due to Labour’s own in-fighting, Theresa May will win the next election by ‘default’, and to do this, they are copying John Major’s style of an apparently relaxed exterior, whilst the Tory government carried-out the ruthless class-led politics of further enriching the middle classes at the perpetual expense of the workers.