Why I Voted ‘Out’ of the EU

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The opposing of fascism is the duty of every progressive leftist (Socialist or Communist).  Following the end of WWII, the newly de-Nazified countries of Western Europe were inclined to form a Socialist Bloc designed to share resources and assist one another to recover from the devastation of war. The USA, however, which had just voted in a rightwing (Christian) President (Harry Truman), had other ideas.  The staunchly capitalist US, whilst issuing hardship grants to returning ‘white’ US soldiers (and excluding ‘Black’ US soldiers from this aid), immediately began a policy of intimidation of the European States.  This involved the threat of withdrawing all US investment and the immediate calling in of all US loans.  At that time, this US policy would have rendered Europe bankrupt.  As matters transpired, many European States developed Socialist policies within, but stopped short of uniting in a region-wide ‘Socialist Bloc’.  The US was of the opinion that this natural ‘leftwing’ trend of Europe was coming very close to sympathising with the policies of the Soviet Union which had suffered at least 27 million casualties defeating German Nazism during WWII, and as an ally of the West, was greatly respected.  As a consequence of ‘liberating’ many countries of Eastern Europe from German Nazi occupation, the Soviet Red Army created the conditions where workers took power in these countries, which then became natural allies of the USSR.  As a response to maintain their capitalist hegemony, the US launched a rightwing counter-initiative in Western Europe which saw ex-Nazis given prominence in a post-war project to ‘unite’ the European countries around predatory capitalism, and to create a ‘European Superstate’, the citizens of which would be so brain-washed with greed, that the message of Scientific Socialism would fall upon death ears.  The European Superstate project, therefore, has its roots in German Nazi ideology, and can be correctly viewed as having its ideological roots in fascist Germany’s ‘National Socialism’.

Although the USSR dissolved in 1991, the ‘European Union’ – as a mouthpiece for US foreign policy – now pursues the US propaganda of racially hating modern Russia, whilst extending membership of the EU into former Communist countries.  This US policy of predatory capitalism has demanded that European workers must be stripped of all ‘Socialised’ unionisation, welfare provision, and free medical provision, and that all ‘nationalised’ industries and utilities must be placed into private hands and run for ‘profit’.  Not only this, but as the European workers have no rights, they are ‘forced’ to migrate to other areas of Europe in desperate search for low-paid jobs – a demeaning process that degrades the living conditions for all workers, and leads to resentment, aggression and racism.  This is exactly what the US intended post-WWII.  Its policy was to create such a ‘toxic’ wasteland of predatory capitalism, that the workers would not be able to understand the greed-infested quagmire they occupied, or workout how to get out of it (through the instigation of ‘Socialism’).  Modern Germany, due to its Nazi past and US policy, run the EU through the pretence of ‘democracy’ in Brussels.  The point of the EU is to ‘legally’, ‘politically’, ‘socially’ and ‘culturally’ prevent the workers rising-up in the name of Scientific Socialism, and creating a fairer world for everybody concerned.  The keeping of the workers in a disempowered state of being, is the primary function of the European Union.

The EU is a fascist superstate that seeks to ‘de-Socialise’ Europe as part of an ongoing post-WWII US foreign policy.  Contrary to the statements of the arch racist Nigel Farage (of UKIP), the EU is not, and has never been a ‘Communist Bloc’ but is the exact opposite.  The far-right in the UK have had to face the counter-intuitive prospect of opposing the EU on the grounds of ‘racism’ (UKIP, BNP, BF, and NF, for instance, all oppose foreign workers in the UK), when the very same EU is pursuing exactly the same policies that Adolf Hitler would have approved, and which create the fertile soil which sees fascism emerge from the scapegoating of ‘foreigners’ – a classic Hitlerite policy.  So moribund of ideological direction is the British far-right that it must ‘reject’ EU fascism to maintain its own sense of distorted, domesticate hegemony.  Adolf Hitler stated that ‘lying’ is a required part of fascist politics, and that ‘dishonesty’ must be employed wherever and whenever it can in the pursuance of establishing rightwing rule.  The point of this is that Farage and others actively collaborate with the US project of demeaning the ‘worker’ at every turn, so that no mass movements can occur that will usher in Socialism.  This is why UKIP agree with the EU policies of privatising the NHS (UKIP is a capitalist party, after-all), and the dismantling of welfare provision.  The formal improvisation of EU law is the next stage of worker disempowerment, although this tendency has been creeping through the UK for quite sometime.  Innocent until proven guilty (UK law) is slowly morphing into ‘guilty until proven innocent (EU law), and explains why Tony Blair abolished Legal Aid for ordinary people – he did not want EU hegemony challenged in British courts. I, and millions of others voted ‘out’ in the EU Referendum – not because we agree with the arch racist Nigel Farage, but because we do not agree with him.  We, the British people, reject the US and Nazi fascism of the EU, and the fascism of UKIP.  It is ‘we’ the working people of Britain that will decide our future, and no one else.  We have this right and we protected this right on June 23rd, 2016 by rejecting the EU.

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