Sutton Council Talking Shit!

As each home-owner had a key, only those living in the two rows of houses either side of each lane could gain access (even walking a dog), but this has not reduced the amount of anti-dog walker sentiment throughout the Sutton streets. Home-owners often ‘harass’ dog walkers by insisting that ‘urine’ is cleaned-up! Of course, this is not a legal requirement, but this episode does demonstrate that the only ‘shit’ that needs clearing-up in the borough, is that emanating from Sutton Council itself, which has never represented the ordinary people.

Wikipedia Suppression of Knowledge

As a consequence, wikipedia’s anti-progress, anti-leftist and anti-truth position is very clear. Its established historical narrative reflects exactly how white middle class America views itself and the world around it. I think the ancient Greeks would be astonished to see that in today’s America, stupidity is packaged as ‘true’ knowledge!