George Galloway’s Comments on Buddhism


The general viewpoints of George Galloway can be found on his numerous Youtube videos, and his comments on Facebook and Twitter, etc.  As a well-known politician of the British political left, his stance on a number of controversial issues has earned him praise and blame in equal measure, and his exclusion from the Labour Party under Tony Blair (in 2003) for opposing what many consider to be the illegal invasions of Afghanistan (and Iraq).  He was subsequently attacked in the world media and accused of all kinds of weird and wonderful behaviour, but he took effective legal action and proved all these allegations to be wrong (earning a substantial financial recompense from the guilty parties).  He has produced a very good podcast concerning the biography of Che Guevara, and has explained elsewhere that his flag is red, and his country is the future.  He fervently opposes all forms of racism (including Zionism) and is famous for opposing the racist English Defence League (EDL), British National Party (BNP), the National Front (NF), and the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP).  This is despite a ‘disturbing’ video of George Galloway sympathetically interviewing the racist UKIP leader – Nigel Farage – over leaving the EU.  Not once during this interview was UKIP’s (or Farage’s) racism confronted, with George Galloway lamenting at one point that it was unfair that UKIP had attracted five million votes but not earned a single seat in the UK Parliament.  For non-white people watching this, (and anti-racists of any background), this was difficult viewing, even taking into account the necessity on the left for political expediency – and the leftwing call to leave the EU for purely economic reasons (as opposed to the rightwing reasons which are premised entirely upon racism and xenophobia).

Despite his obvious Marxist approach to critiquing the bourgeois State and its duplicitous institutions, George Galloway has stated during a radio conversation with a member of the British rightwing, that he ‘is not a Marxist’.  Furthermore, whilst stating that he is a Socialist, he confesses a faith in a theistic god, and has stated that he was born into a Catholic family.  This situation has become confused somewhat due to his obvious well-read knowledge of Islamic theology, and his obvious popularity in some areas of the British Muslim community, and has led some to speculate that he has ‘reverted’ to Islam.  As matters stand on this issue, George Galloway continuously states that his religious beliefs are a ‘private’ matter and not a subject for public discussion.  In the recent London Mayoral Elections (within which he stood), George Galloway remained very popular amongst certain populations of London’s Muslim population, despite the fact he was standing against the British Muslim candidate of the Labour Party (the Blairite Sadiq Khan).

George Galloway is a friend of Communist China and fervently opposes the Western created Pro-Tibetan Movement administered by the duplicitous Dalai Lama.  Indeed, when confronted with a pro-Tibetan caller during his radio show, he quite rightly stated in no uncertain terms that Tibet is a historical part of China, and that the Chinese Communist government had raised more people out of poverty than any other regime on earth.  He also conflated Buddhism in general, with the distorted Buddhism perpetuated by the pro-Tibetan movement, and even stated that there is ‘only one god’, as if Buddhism is a theistic religion (which it is not).  In this regard, George Galloway keeps-up a constant and correct anti-Dalai Lama rhetoric against his sham nationalism and manipulation of Buddhist philosophy.  However, in a recent Facebook post, George Galloway quite rightly criticised the Dalai Lama for his recent ‘anti-migrant’ and apparently ‘racist’ attitudes regarding the free EU movement of workers from one country to another, and then stated that the Buddhists who are attacking the Rohingya Muslims in Burma are doing so under the Dalai Lama’s instructions.  The Dalai Lama and the pro-Tibetan movement are corrupt, of that there is no doubt, but equating Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism with Burmese Theravada Buddhism is incorrect.  Firstly, despite the racist Western media manipulating everything to its advantage, Theravada Buddhism (whose suttas are written in Pali) has no ‘pope’ and is not controlled by a single Buddhist monastic.  As a philosophy of self-development, it presents ‘logic’ and ‘reason’ as the highest aspect of secular, human thought, and rejects ‘theism’ as being unimportant for personal development.  In this regard, early Buddhism represents the development of the world’s first system of logic (as positively commented on by both Marx and Engels).  In Burma (and elsewhere) there has been problems of Buddhists attacking Muslims (and Muslims attacking Buddhists), but this has nothing to do with the Dalai Lama.  Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism has nothing in-common with Theravada Buddhism, other than the fact that it developed in India (albeit much later), and represents an integration of Buddhist and Brahmanic thought.  In Burma, a small breakaway group of Theravada Buddhists have become infected with Western racism and nationalism, and it is this ‘foreign’ ideology of ‘Islamophobia’ that is causing the inter-communal violence.  It is the same situation in Sri Lanka.  However, the mainstream Theravada Buddhist School does not, and never has condoned inter-ethnic violence or the alien ‘Islamophobia’, and it is incorrect for George Galloway to assume that a) Buddhism is a theistic religion organised along the lines of the Catholic Church, or Islamic Mosques, b) the distorted [and Christianised] Buddhism of the Dalai Lama is indicative of all Buddhism, c) the Dalai Lama runs the Buddhist world, and d) that a racist, Western presence has nothing to do with ‘Buddhist’ attacks on Muslims.

Indeed, even within Communist China, with its secular and progressive education system and Marxist-Leninist critique of capitalism, many people are Buddhists, Daoist, and Confucians, with the only difference being that by law all these religions and philosophies must actively participate in the building of Socialism within the country, and not oppose or undermine this process.  This is also the case in the Tibetan area of China, where the Dalai Lama has no power and is not viewed as being in control of anything.  White racism is the cause of the supposed ‘Buddhist’ attacks on Muslims, and someone of the obvious calibre of George Galloway should assist the oppressed peoples of the world to expose this.  Buddhism is not the enemy of Islam – but the Dalai Lama and his CIA-created Pro-Tibetan Movement is definitely the enemy of Communist China and genuine Tibet.

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