Why Jeremy Corbyn Should Be Proud to be a Called a ‘Communist’ (But Probably Isn’t!)


Noel Gallagher’s latest outburst, might be a ploy to ‘mainstream’ Jeremy Corbyn’s Scientific Socialist tendencies. Noel Gallagher, in his youth, was well-known for his own ‘Communistic’ outbursts, and part of his fame stems from his distinctly ‘proletariat’ approach to handling the music industry that made him rich, and the media that made him famous. One thing is for sure, Jeremy Corbyn should be proud to be called a ‘Communist’, but from the indignant response of the bourgeois left (which includes the Labour Party), and the vacuous prattling of the mindless rightwing press, it is obvious that those around him consider this an ‘insult’. There is nothing insulting about caring for humanity and striving (through the use of ‘Scientific Socialism’) to eradicate poverty, war and disease. The problem for the bourgeoisie is that this progressive process would also mean an end to that parasitic class, and it is this fear of the loss of privilege and wealth that drives the continuous (and highly misinformed) campaign against Communism. Ever since the Communist Party founded the British Labour Party, the bourgeois establishment has striven to infiltrate it, and convert it to its own hatefilled and greed-orientated ideology. This bourgeois project has been very successful and is almost complete. A keen-eyed observer knows something is afoot, when the veteran Labour Party ‘Socialist’ – Dennis Skinner – records in his biography that he visited the Soviet Union (as part of an all expenses paid union visit to Moscow in his youth), but he ‘refused’ to visit the tomb of Lenin in Red Square! This evidence may be added to such bourgeois (left) Labour figures such as Tony Benn, George Galloway and Ken Livingstone, to mention just a few, all of whom have made a career out of denigrated the Soviet Union and enthusiastically joining with the Bourgeois State in its propagation of US-generated Cold War lies. I doubt very much that Jeremy Corbyn is a Communist, or even a Marxist for that matter. He grew out of the Labour bourgeois left along with Benn and co, and I further doubt that his views differ from those of his peers. Whilst talking about saving the NHS, Corbyn has said nothing about the Welfare System, and has omitted completely any mention of raising taxes during the next Labour Party government. The reality is simple; no tax raises, no redistribution of wealth, no Welfare State and no NHS. In the meantime, Labour Party duplicity apart – the Communist Movement has done much to progress humanity, and all those ignorant right wingers and fascists have Communists to thank for the 8 hour day and basic working rights. The defeat of international fascism during the 1930’s and 1940’s can be added to this comprehensive list!

Dishonest London Mayor Sadiq Khan (15.8.2017)


Like millions of Londoners, I fully welcomed the election of Sadiq Khan as London Mayor – even though I had reservations about his pro-Zionist attitudes – and voted for George Galloway (the ardent anti-Zionist).  However, I recently emailed the London Mayor – Sadiq Khan’s Office – asking him to reduce the cost of Travelcards to help the ordinary people in London. As London Mayor – he has the power to do this. Ken Livingston – the former (and perhaps ‘greatest’) London Mayor did an oil deal with Socialist Venezuela and immediately cut public transport costs across London. This deal was immediately abolished by the worst Mayor London has ever had – the Tory Boris Johnson – and since that time prices have continued to rise in London dramatically and far ahead of inflation. Sadiq Khan is a Blairite – which means he is a Tory in the Labour Party. His handling of my enquiry – in my opinion – has been dishonest. Instead of admitting that he supports big business and rising transport costs – he deceitfully sent me a standard email reply stating that my enquiry has been passed-on to Transport for London (TFL). What’s wrong with this – I hear you ask? Sadiq Khan controls TFL and has the power to ‘set’ London transport costs. To date I have not received any reply from TFL.

On Why George Galloway Should be in the Labour Party


As Tony Benn once said, the Labour Party isn’t ‘Socialist’, even though from time to time it may have Socialists in it. I think this has been true of the Labour Party for much of its history, even though one of its key founders was the British Socialist Party. Of course, the BSP transformed into the ‘Communist Party of Great Britain’ (CPGB) in 1920, after the successful Russian Revolution of 1917 – acting in contradiction to the position of the anti-Communist British government of the day, that was acting inaccordance with the USA (and 12 other countries including a recently defeated Germany), by supplying British (working class) troops into Russia, in an attempt to destroy the fledgling ‘Socialist’ regime. It was thought at the time that the BSP could ‘transform’ into the CPGB simply as a matter of procedure, but even as early as 1920, there were dark anti-Socialist forces at work in the Labour Party. The Labour Party, despite its Unionist, working class roots, had been infiltrated by middle class men who brought their own particular brand of capitalist-friendly, bourgeois leftism to bear on the party’s direction. This dominance by the middle class over the working class within the Labour Party at the point of contact, mimicked exactly the situation that existed in broader society outside the Labour Party, and ironically represented the very inequality the Labour Party was originally founded to combat through effective (and collective) social and political action. As a consequence of middle class sophistry (and without as much as a whimper from the working class membership), it was decided that the BSP could not simply transform into the CPGB and retain its central position in the Labour Party. It was further decided that the BSP no longer existed as a legal entity when it transitioned into the CPGB, and that as a consequence, the CPGB was a ‘new’ political entity that would have to apply for ‘association’ with the Labour Party – an application that was swiftly ‘blocked’, and remains blocked to this day. Furthermore, the bourgeois powers that be in the Labour Party added the Communist Party to a proscribed list of potential members – which explains why Communists today are not permitted to hold Labour Party membership. This reality also explains how the Labour Party broke with the working class ideologies of Socialism (both religiously utopic and Marxist-Engels inspired), and with Communism (Marxist-Leninism) quite early on in its development, despite still pursuing a left-leaning rhetoric often misconstrued as being ‘Socialistic’.

Having firmly set the agenda of Labour’s non-Socialist and in many ways anti-working class agenda, it is important to state that the Labour Party has had individual members that have held Socialist or Communist views, but who have not been ‘official’ members of any other political party. Indeed, there has also been, in the early days, Labour MPs who openly described themselves as ‘Communist’, before the proscription against Marxist-Leninism was more robustly enforced. I would add that although a party of the left, the Labour Party as a historical movement has remained alarmingly ‘unprincipled’, despite the good intentions of some of its members. Its generally ‘anti-Soviet’ position, and its routine support for imperialism, coupled with its racist expulsion of over 1,500 Chinese people from London in 1946 (just because they were ‘Chinese’) attest to this fact.

As the Labour Party is experiencing something of a leftwing renaissance at the moment under the left-sounding (and incredibly popular) Jeremy Corbyn, I think the time is right for George Galloway to be re-admitted to the Labour Party with the caveat that he be recognised as a political martyr for the leftwing cause, because he stood-up to the rightwing policies of Tony Blair throughout that former prime minister’s tenure in Office, and is still active in campaigning for Tony Blair to face War Crimes charges for his illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003. Of course, I do not agree with George Galloway’s eulogising of the anti-working class Winston Churchill, his sentimentalism regarding Britain’s imperialist wars, his leftist nationalism, his sharing of a political platform with the racist Nigel Farage, or his routine anti-Soviet viewpoints – but I do believe his ‘Socialist’ heart is in the right place, and my family very much appreciate his expressed support for Communist China. Politicians often appear inconsistent when in the public eye, particularly when they are trying to achieve the exact opposite effect. George Galloway often says not only what he thinks, but also quite often what he ‘feels’. This is why on occasion he appears to ‘contradict’ himself – at least he is honest – and is one of only a few political figures in the UK that actually takes the time to directly engage the general public on social media. In fact, he is the only mainstream political figure that I have directly communicated with on Twitter, or am likely to communicate with. As I said to him then – I think he should not only be re-admitted into the Labour Party – but I believe the leftwing momentum could be maintained when Jeremy Corbyn eventually steps down (hopefully after being prime minister), if George Galloway were to become Labour Parry leader. His vast experience of the real world is exactly what Labour needs. Finally, the Labour Party cannot be kept on a leftist course if there are no credible leftwing politicians to direct it. In many ways, the wilderness years of George Galloway’s political career (outside the Labour Party) have not only been full of meaning, bravery, tragedy and stunning success, but have preserved his leftism in a pure (but enhanced) form, free from the need to conform to the rigours of Blairite rightism, and general Labour Party duplicity. He has been outside a Labour Party that has lurched so far to the right in recent times, that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish it from the Tory Party it is said to oppose! Jeremy Corbyn would do well to recognise this reality, and bolster the strength of his position by bringing George Galloway back into the Labour Party!

George Galloway, Ken Livingstone, Zionism and the Misrepresentation of the USSR


Inquiry Call After Israeli Agent Plot To ‘Take Down’ MPs

As usual, I make the disclaimer that I respect and admire George Galloway and Ken Livingstone as a solid men of the left, and in the case of George Galloway – as a friend of China. I also agree with George Galloway regarding the matter of Ken Livingstone and Naz Shah. These two Labour politicians have been the victims of Zionist forces at work not only within British society, but also within the very heart of the British political system and governance. Zionism in reality, has nothing to do with Judaism or Judaic theology, but is an expression of the ideology of ‘White Supremacy’ as adopted by non-religious and secular Jews living in Western Europe (specifically Germany) during the 19th century. Why did certain secular Jewish intellectuals side with the very European fascism, that for centuries had made life a living nightmare for most Jewish people? The answer lies in the fact that those secular Jews who perceived themselves as ‘White’, decided to ‘side’ with the White (non-Jewish) community, and emphasis their racially superior ‘Whiteness’, over what the fascists termed their ‘inferior’ Judaic culture. Of course, this whole-sale conversion to White Supremacy facilitated a ‘rejection’ of religious Judaism and the thinking connected with Judaic theology, but retained a link to Judaism as distorted through Eurocentric ‘nationalism’. For the White Supremacist Jews, their Jewish heritage served as the basis for a ‘new’ type of ‘Zionist’ nationalism that sought to usurp the authority of the rabbis, and supersede the dominance of traditional theology within Jewish culture, society and politics. Zionism intended to re-interpret Jewish existence along Eurocentric, nationalist lines, and racialised myth-building. The average Jewish person was now depicted not necessarily as a ‘chosen’ person as defined by god, but rather as a ‘superior’ person as defined by ‘biology’, or more specifically ‘genetics’. This is the philosophical ‘Zionist’ underpinnings of the modern State of Israel, and the justifying ideology that is used daily in the persecution and murder of the (non-White) Palestinian people. This explains why many ‘religious’ Jews reject Israel and its ideology as a form of ‘blasphemy’, or radical and unnecessary departure from the Jewish scripture.

An Al Jazeera investigation into Labour Party funding has recently revealed that donations from Israel amounting to £1million was forwarded to Zionist-supporting MPs within the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP), as a means to disrupt Jeremy Corbyn’s rise to power, and effectively remove him as Labour Party Leader. This Israeli Zionist interference in British democracy is alarming enough, but the fact that a British Asian woman (Naz Shah) can be persecuted within the Labour Party at the whim of a foreign ‘White’ and ‘racist’ power defies belief!  Ken Livingstone, as a key supporter of Jeremy Corbyn was targeted by the Labour Party Zionist because such ‘Labour Friends of Israel’ fervently reject the notion of British Socialism, and prefer a right of centre, Zionist-supporting Labour Party, Furthermore, the Israeli Zionists want desperately to prevent Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister of Britain, because he has promised to ‘recognise’ the State of Palestine, and hold Israel responsible for its continuous terrorist atrocities, land grabbing, and intimidation against the Palestinians and their supporters.

Whilst defending Ken Livingstone, George Galloway went from one interview to another, continuously pointing-out the Zionist distortion of history, and educating the general public as to the ‘true’ history and nature of Israeli Zionism. However, one tactic that he used involved comparing Soviet Russia to Zionist Israel – stating that wanting to free the Russian people from Soviet Communism was not an expression of ‘race-hate’ toward the Russian people, just as wanting to free the ‘Semitic’ people (both Arab and non-Arab) from the dominance of ‘Zionism’ was not the practice of ‘race-hate’ (i.e. ‘anti-Semitism’) toward Jewish people! Both Ken Livingstone and George Galloway even deployed this argument whilst being interviewed on Russia Today – much to the surprise and shock of the host! The irony here, is that RT’s naturally ‘left of centre’ perspective, has given George Galloway ample air time with little or no interference, whilst he also appears regularly on the Russian chat-show ‘Sputnik’.  Why would George Galloway compare the ‘fascist’ ideology of Zionism, with the Scientific Socialism of the Soviet Union – particularly given the fact that the USSR lost between 30 – 40 million men, women and children fighting Nazi Germany during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945)? This is a particularly disturbing analogy, as much of the Jewish holocaust was perpetuated in the Soviet Union by the occupying Nazi German forces (particularly in the Ukraine), and was only ‘stopped’ when the Soviet Red Army eventually managed to roll-back the Hitlerite monolith and ‘liberate’ vast areas of the USSR from Nazi German control. In this instance, George Galloway’s attitude (and that of Ken Livingstone) reveal the depth of disrespect that is evident within the British left for the Soviet Union and the sacrifice of the Soviet people – a sacrifice that helped ‘save’ the UK from Nazi German occupation and subjugation.

The Paradox of Putin


President Putin lives in a bizarre world of capitalist paradox and inconsistency.  On the one hand, he is the product of the Soviet (Communist) System (culminating in his service in the KGB), whilst on the other, he is the repeated elected ‘President’ of capitalist Russia.  He is on record as criticising the Soviet System (that that gave him every ‘free’ educational and cultural advantage), whilst simultaneously eulogising the ‘freedom’ that capitalism has given a minority of people in Russia to be obscenely rich (whilst the majority have been plunged into various degrees of impoverishment). He has agreed to allow the Russian military to carry the old Soviet Flag, and to continue to respectfully remember the Soviet victory (and terrible sacrifice) over Nazi Germany during the Great Patriotic war (1941-45), and to keep the Russian ‘eternal flame’ burning at the grave of the Soviet ‘unknown soldier’.  Lenin’s tomb remains sacrosanct (and continuously guarded), whilst being occasionally ‘opened’ for the general public to peer inside.  The Russian Communist Party has around 70 to 80 seats in the elected Stare Duma (out of around 220), and Communism and Soviet nostalgia remains very strong amongst the Russian people. Russia Today (RT) – the Russian multimedia news service – continues to broadcast around the world, usually supplying a counter-narrative to the Western anti-Russian racism, and deliberate misreporting of events global-wide.  This reality of an intense anti-Russia offensive (led by the USA and the EU) has seen the Nazification of Eastern Europe, and a ‘Cold-War-like’ rhetoric emanating from the White House of President Barack Obama.  RT works to expose these lies, whilst still pursuing a ‘pro-capitalist’ agenda that sees a steady stream of anti-Soviet propaganda, and a reduction of all the great achievements of the Soviet era to mere stats. RT has also openly criticised Lenin and Stalin, and has hosted the likes of George Galloway and Ken Livingston, both recently criticising the memory of the Soviet Union – particularly of Joseph Stalin – when the British Labour Party got into hot water over allegations of anti-Semitism.  At the moment, capitalist Russia has been forced to re-assess its Soviet past in the light of Western anti-Russian racism, but Russia remains ‘capitalist’ nonetheless.  If the West had not embarked on this recent anti-Russian drive, one gets the distinct impression that ‘capitalist’ Russia would have firmly left all the Red Flags in the past, and expunged Soviet history from the school texts books – as indeed the immediate post-Soviet era period of the middle to late 1990’s saw. However, since that time, the Russian State has moved back to a position of fully recognising the relevancy of the Soviet-era, whilst actively encouraging its now impoverished citizens to view their disempowerment as ‘freedom’.  It is interesting to note that the breakaway republics of eastern Ukraine have invariably declared themselves ‘Soviet’ or ‘People’s’ Republics, and have embraced the old Soviet Red Flag, and been financially and militarily supported by Russia in their fight against Western-backed neo-Nazism in western Ukraine.

George Galloway’s Comments on Buddhism


The general viewpoints of George Galloway can be found on his numerous Youtube videos, and his comments on Facebook and Twitter, etc.  As a well-known politician of the British political left, his stance on a number of controversial issues has earned him praise and blame in equal measure, and his exclusion from the Labour Party under Tony Blair (in 2003) for opposing what many consider to be the illegal invasions of Afghanistan (and Iraq).  He was subsequently attacked in the world media and accused of all kinds of weird and wonderful behaviour, but he took effective legal action and proved all these allegations to be wrong (earning a substantial financial recompense from the guilty parties).  He has produced a very good podcast concerning the biography of Che Guevara, and has explained elsewhere that his flag is red, and his country is the future.  He fervently opposes all forms of racism (including Zionism) and is famous for opposing the racist English Defence League (EDL), British National Party (BNP), the National Front (NF), and the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP).  This is despite a ‘disturbing’ video of George Galloway sympathetically interviewing the racist UKIP leader – Nigel Farage – over leaving the EU.  Not once during this interview was UKIP’s (or Farage’s) racism confronted, with George Galloway lamenting at one point that it was unfair that UKIP had attracted five million votes but not earned a single seat in the UK Parliament.  For non-white people watching this, (and anti-racists of any background), this was difficult viewing, even taking into account the necessity on the left for political expediency – and the leftwing call to leave the EU for purely economic reasons (as opposed to the rightwing reasons which are premised entirely upon racism and xenophobia).

Despite his obvious Marxist approach to critiquing the bourgeois State and its duplicitous institutions, George Galloway has stated during a radio conversation with a member of the British rightwing, that he ‘is not a Marxist’.  Furthermore, whilst stating that he is a Socialist, he confesses a faith in a theistic god, and has stated that he was born into a Catholic family.  This situation has become confused somewhat due to his obvious well-read knowledge of Islamic theology, and his obvious popularity in some areas of the British Muslim community, and has led some to speculate that he has ‘reverted’ to Islam.  As matters stand on this issue, George Galloway continuously states that his religious beliefs are a ‘private’ matter and not a subject for public discussion.  In the recent London Mayoral Elections (within which he stood), George Galloway remained very popular amongst certain populations of London’s Muslim population, despite the fact he was standing against the British Muslim candidate of the Labour Party (the Blairite Sadiq Khan).

George Galloway is a friend of Communist China and fervently opposes the Western created Pro-Tibetan Movement administered by the duplicitous Dalai Lama.  Indeed, when confronted with a pro-Tibetan caller during his radio show, he quite rightly stated in no uncertain terms that Tibet is a historical part of China, and that the Chinese Communist government had raised more people out of poverty than any other regime on earth.  He also conflated Buddhism in general, with the distorted Buddhism perpetuated by the pro-Tibetan movement, and even stated that there is ‘only one god’, as if Buddhism is a theistic religion (which it is not).  In this regard, George Galloway keeps-up a constant and correct anti-Dalai Lama rhetoric against his sham nationalism and manipulation of Buddhist philosophy.  However, in a recent Facebook post, George Galloway quite rightly criticised the Dalai Lama for his recent ‘anti-migrant’ and apparently ‘racist’ attitudes regarding the free EU movement of workers from one country to another, and then stated that the Buddhists who are attacking the Rohingya Muslims in Burma are doing so under the Dalai Lama’s instructions.  The Dalai Lama and the pro-Tibetan movement are corrupt, of that there is no doubt, but equating Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism with Burmese Theravada Buddhism is incorrect.  Firstly, despite the racist Western media manipulating everything to its advantage, Theravada Buddhism (whose suttas are written in Pali) has no ‘pope’ and is not controlled by a single Buddhist monastic.  As a philosophy of self-development, it presents ‘logic’ and ‘reason’ as the highest aspect of secular, human thought, and rejects ‘theism’ as being unimportant for personal development.  In this regard, early Buddhism represents the development of the world’s first system of logic (as positively commented on by both Marx and Engels).  In Burma (and elsewhere) there has been problems of Buddhists attacking Muslims (and Muslims attacking Buddhists), but this has nothing to do with the Dalai Lama.  Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism has nothing in-common with Theravada Buddhism, other than the fact that it developed in India (albeit much later), and represents an integration of Buddhist and Brahmanic thought.  In Burma, a small breakaway group of Theravada Buddhists have become infected with Western racism and nationalism, and it is this ‘foreign’ ideology of ‘Islamophobia’ that is causing the inter-communal violence.  It is the same situation in Sri Lanka.  However, the mainstream Theravada Buddhist School does not, and never has condoned inter-ethnic violence or the alien ‘Islamophobia’, and it is incorrect for George Galloway to assume that a) Buddhism is a theistic religion organised along the lines of the Catholic Church, or Islamic Mosques, b) the distorted [and Christianised] Buddhism of the Dalai Lama is indicative of all Buddhism, c) the Dalai Lama runs the Buddhist world, and d) that a racist, Western presence has nothing to do with ‘Buddhist’ attacks on Muslims.

Indeed, even within Communist China, with its secular and progressive education system and Marxist-Leninist critique of capitalism, many people are Buddhists, Daoist, and Confucians, with the only difference being that by law all these religions and philosophies must actively participate in the building of Socialism within the country, and not oppose or undermine this process.  This is also the case in the Tibetan area of China, where the Dalai Lama has no power and is not viewed as being in control of anything.  White racism is the cause of the supposed ‘Buddhist’ attacks on Muslims, and someone of the obvious calibre of George Galloway should assist the oppressed peoples of the world to expose this.  Buddhism is not the enemy of Islam – but the Dalai Lama and his CIA-created Pro-Tibetan Movement is definitely the enemy of Communist China and genuine Tibet.

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