UK: Rightwing Tory Government Fears its Own EU Vote!


In 2010 a minority of the British electorate voted in a far-rightwing political coalition of the Tory Party and the LibDems.  These two parties were disastrous for the UK until 2015, when the same minority of voters jettisoned the LibDems as the political ‘deadwood’ they undoubtedly are – and confirmed the UK’s lurch ever further to the right (re-electing the odious Tories).  Since 2010 at least 10,000 Disabled people have died due to their Benefits being cut or abolished (many dying of starvation).  So bad has been this assault on this particular vulnerable group that the United Nations have initiated an investigation in the UK for Crimes Against Humanity – with the UK becoming the only Western country in history to be investigated by the UN in this manner.  Although this is an ongoing investigation, the UN has already confirmed that the UK media’s unquestioning support for cuts in the Welfare State and NHS is reminiscent of the controlled media of Nazi Germany in the early 1930’s – and allegation includes the BBC that has routinely ‘ignored’ or belittled protest marches numbering hundreds of thousands of people.

The ordinary people of the UK are suffering at the hands of the Tories who like the ‘New’ Labour government before them, is simply instigating EU capitalist policy that is anti-worker, anti-union and anti-Socialist in nature.  The only people this rightwing political agenda benefits are the middle classes who continue to amass enormous and grotesque profits in private hands, whilst society at large is slowly stripped of all its resources and means of protection.  This is what the EU is doing because it is the ideological mouthpiece of the USA and its predatory capitalism.  The workers of Europe are reduced to powerless individuals (without unions) and are forced to ‘migrate’ from one place to another in search of poorly paid work in terrible employment conditions – this is not multiculturalism, but instead a vicious exploitation of workers designed to weaken and disempower the proletariat. As long as workers roam the industrial wastelands of Europe fighting one another for scraps from the rich man’s table, the EU ensures that their can be no worker-led organisation to confront this EU fascism.  As welfare provision is privatised and abolished, workers cannot simply opt-out of migratory work, but must struggle to survive on meagre wages in an uncertain world.  This is compounded by the fact that as Socialised medical systems are privatised and abolished, workers have no access to medical care in case of illness or injury, and this is also the case for everyone in society.  The workers of the EU have become a desperate migratory mass, moving from one place to another, but unable to settle and plant roots.  This causes racism because migratory workers arrive in different places not as ‘friends’, but as ‘competitors’ for already diminished resources.

The EU creates racism in two ways.  It forces different people from within Europe to fight one another for scarce jobs and poor pay, whilst simultaneously passing obviously ‘racist’ legitimisation to ‘keep-out’ non-European citizens from entering the EU from such places as India, Africa and China, for example.  The EU then ignores the social and cultural pressures created by making different types of Europeans fight one another for scarce jobs and poor pay whilst living (usually temporarily) in close proximity to another, and instead encourages what is essentially ‘white’ Europeans to blame all their troubles on non-white migration into the EU – which is virtually non-existent due to racist EU law.  We are all being made to be fools by the EU, and this has led to the development of fascist (and racist) parties such as UKIP – which campaigns against the EU on grounds of ‘race’ rather than ‘economics’ or ‘law’.  The EU is a fascistic organisation dominated by US neo-imperialism that does not have the best interests of ordinary Europeans at its centre.  The EU is an exercise in ensuring that free market economics and predatory capitalism rule in Europe, and nothing else.  The Tories want to stay ‘in’ the EU because it furthers their capitalist privilege and retains the status quo of exploitation of the masses.  However, mainstream political parties such as New Labour, the LibDems and the Tories have systematically encouraged white racism as a matter of ‘freedom of speech’ (and EU policy) and this has led to a ground-swell of anti-EU sentiment in the UK.

Although the Communist and Socialist left premise their anti-EU argument on sound economic and legal reasons, the mainstream of the British electorate, soaked as their are in decades of EU racist rhetoric, are uniting to vote ‘out’ of the EU.  The UK government knows this and is desperately trying to enforce a false image of the EU as being a bastion of ‘multiculturalism’, which it is not.  Although some people in the UK are listening to the radical left, by far the majority are voting ‘out’ of the EU for racist reasons.  This is ironically the product of EU racism being used against itself in a free vote.  Generally speaking, the UK government does not give a damn about the British working class, or foreign people.  It is being forced into pathetic leafleting and sham multicultural festivals to try and persuade those being exploited that it is in their best interests to remain exploited by the EU.  I suspect that the racism generated and perpetuated by a succession of UK governments will ensure an ‘out’ of the EU vote later this month.

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