I Reject the Racism Aimed at Kim Jong Un


The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) is a Communist State also known widely in the West as ‘North Korea’.  It should not be confused with the capitalist US colony (and false economy) of South Korea.  The hypocrisy of the US bourgeoisie is that it is willing to pump billions of dollars into colonies such as Taiwan and South Korea (as well as Japan) as a means to bring-down Communist China, whilst deliberately withholding wealth (through racism) from its African-American, Asian, Mexican, and Native American populations.  Capitalist Asians in Taiwan and South Korea get ‘fat’ in their respective US colonies, whilst non-Whites in the US routinely die of starvation, medical neglect, and death by cop.

Many Westerners travel to North Korea every year – and all without exception report that it is clean, tidy and affluent, and that its people are happy to be Communist.  However, due to the US System being default-set on destroying any and all manifestations of Socialism and Communism in the world, the anti-DPRK propaganda (written by racist White Americans) is churned-out of the news networks of South Korea, Taiwan and Japan.  This ‘disinformation’ is presented as ‘news’ to an unquestioning world and established an anti-Socialist paradigm that racialises Kim Jung Un and the North Korean people as bring inherently ‘inferior’.  Right minded Westerners should be aware of this – and ashamed that such a racist campaign is perpetuated in their name.  The US issues this constant stream of racist filth through Asian news-agencies thinking that this makes the racism OK.  It does not.  Stupid Asian capitalists who assist White racists to perpetuate their race-hate are just digging their own graves in the long run.  The US White racists that simply make-up stupid and unsubstantiated stories about North Korea and its leader – Kim Jung Un- have no respect for non-Whites and do not care one iota about different cultures.  All the White racists in the US care about is ‘profit’ and the continuation of the ‘accumulation’ of profit.  Capitalists do not care who lives and who dies as long as the money keeps rolling in. The US White racists would just as soon drive their tanks over the backs of the South Koreans as they would the North Koreans – if such action would guarantee a profit.

The DPRK has not attacked any country since it defeated the military aggression of the  United Nations and the US in 1953.  In fact it has only prepared for its own defence against the threat of US aggression.  Unlike Israel – which has invaded land that does not belong to it (and has murdered tens of thousands of innocent Palestinians) – the DPRK has existed peacefully.  Even the UN has to admit that it is not North Korea that is the problem, but Israel which continuously breaks International Law and refuses to obey UN Resolutions.  I personally believe that Kim Jong Un is highly respected amongst his own people – and a great many people outside of North Korea. I personally admire him and believe the DPRK has every right to ‘exist’ (with a greater claim to legitimacy than Israel).  Regards of politics, the US use of racism is an insult to both ‘Liberal Democracy’ and ‘Communist Democracy’.  Racism is a disease of the mind and people should not let the White racists in the US use it as a tactic against North Korea.


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