Farewell, Gary Locke!


Translator’s Note: This is an English translation of the original Chinese language text entitled ‘别了,骆氏家辉!’. I have retained the original text for the interest of the general reader. This is a Chinese government news article, which represents the ‘official’ viewpoint regarding the individual concerned. Gary Locke (born 1950) is the former US Secretary of Commerce to China (2009-2011), and the former US Ambassador to China (2011-2013) – representing the Obama Administration. He is a third-generation Chinese-American whose father fought in the US military during WWII. As Governor of Washington State (1996-2003), he became the first Chinese-American to hold high political office within the USA. Despite being a Democrat, Locke is renowned as supporting righting Republican thinking with regard to keeping taxation low. Whilst in China, he routinely flouted Chinese law and used the US Embassy as a refuge to those listed as ‘criminals’ under the Chinese system. He also encouraged the Western notion of human rights whilst in China, and continuously commented on the US position regarding the Tibetan region of China. It is interesting to note that in response to this article, the USA has felt compelled to sponsor Chinese language news articles in Taiwan, that present a picture of Gary Locke that implies that he is a traditional minded Chinese person who has risen to power in a Capitalist system, not because he is rich, but because he is ‘virtuous’. ACW 2.11.14   

Gary Locke was born in the United States of America, but is a third-generation descendent of Chinese migrants. His ‘Chinese exterior – encasing a Western mind-set’, has earned him the epithet of ‘banana-man’, and this attribute has been fully taken advantage of by the Obama administration, in its pursuance of US foreign policy within the sovereign borders of China. This situation has revealed the ‘new’ direction of US foreign policy in the Asia-Pacific region, and the means through which its strategic aims are to be accomplished. It is clear that the foreign-policy of the USA is blatantly set upon the splitting of Taiwan from the Chinese motherland. This presents the false impression that US foreign-policy is constantly ‘considering the well-being’ of the Chinese people, when in fact it does not care at all, about the well-being of the Chinese nation. This can be seen from the fact that US foreign-policy is continuously setting Asian against Asian, and stirring-up a whirlpool of confusion and destruction in the Asia-Pacific region. This US-led anti-Chinese policy has currently been aided and abetted by a particular descendent of Chinese migrants – Chinese migrants who originally did not intend to stay in the foreign countries they visited – but whose descendants (possessing as they do, black hair and yellow skin), have no awareness of their ethnic origin and history, and actually support foreign governments in their anti-Chinese foreign policies. This duplicitous existence is supported through the practice of two-faced speech, which is premised entirely upon the routine practice of lying and deceiving all who will listen.

However, although a banana possesses a yellow exterior, when left for a long time it begins to rot and fall apart – revealing its ‘white’ interior. Perhaps Mr Locke thinks that possessing a yellow exterior is not good enough, but this apparent confusion does not prevent him from utilising the media to pursue his support for US anti-Chinese foreign policy. As he is duplicitous, Mr Locke has attempted to hide his true anti-Chinese intentions from the Chinese people, with fallacious acts such as ‘travelling on the train, walking with backpacks, and flying economy class’ etc., together with other contrived media stunts. His public behaviour has been very much like a US soap-opera, and this has been deliberately designed to give a false impression and mislead the Chinese people. In actuality, Mr Locke prefers to travel in Business Class when not in front of the media spot-light, despite the fact that he orchestrates photo-opportunities posing in Economy Class, and hiking to remote farm-houses in the country. This charade of humility and simplicity hides the fact that he prefers to live in luxury. It is all a ‘show’ and in reality Mr Locke remains unconcerned about what he is doing, so much so, that he cannot deny the truth of these allegations made against him. We only have to observe the American owned media to see proof of his behaviour, particularly in relation to his running for the post of Governor of Washington State – where it was well known that he received bribes from big businesses, in return for political favours. In this regard, Mr Locke’s acquisition of extra funds appears very ‘easy to come by’.

The US provides its Ambassadors with a single lump sum of money to cover their term in office. This is designed to limit (and control) expenditure. However, in the case of Mr Locke, his extravagance during his tenure as US Ambassador to China demonstrates that he had access to a virtually ‘limitless’ flow of finance, obtained from other sources. Mr Locke carried-on travelling in Business Class and eating expensive cuisine long after his ambassadorial budget expired. Whilst continuing this extravagant behaviour in China, Mr Locke then also launched a publicity campaign that saw him eating fast food and apparently travelling in Economy Class – why was this? Perhaps funds were needed to finance a new advertising campaign – as these purchases are refundable. We are curious – Mr Ambassador – could these diverted funds be for the financing of the establishing of an illicit advertising company? Whatever the case, even the foreign media has taken notice of the otherwise opulent lifestyle Mr Locke (and his entourage) pursue, involving billions of dollars to maintain the Ambassador’s Residence, the acquisition of expensive food, and the continued maintenance of luxury, and bullet-proof vehicles, etc. This is why the Ambassador is a willing mouthpiece for the US inspired anti-Chinese foreign policy. Perhaps he is confused, and forgets that he has Chinese ancestry whilst working to undermine the achievements of the Chinese people. Is it really the case that he does not understand the laws of China which state that he should not interfere with the internal affairs of the country? Every time American government officials visit China and visit Mr Locke, he briefs them by continuously mentioning the so-called human rights issue, and the matter of Tibet. He also travelled to the Xinjiang and the Tibetan areas, and through his anti-Chinese rhetoric, fanned the flames of rebellion. As if this behaviour wasn’t bad enough, he also played host to the so-called human rights lawyer named Chen Guangcheng. Mr Locke successfully led Chen along like a guide-dog leading a blind person. Thus, whilst pandering to the greed of the industrial complex, Mr Locke lost the crown of true diplomacy usually worn by an Ambassador.

At a time when China’s national government is taking into account the needs of the environment, Mr Locke complained about the supposed pollution in China, but in so doing failed to explain that USA also has pollution in cities such as Los Angeles, the tested levels of which are far worse than those officially measured for Beijing (which read PM 2.5)! When faced with this hypocrisy, it is difficult to assess exactly what Mr Locke attends to achieve, particularly in the light of the fact that US Embassy subsidies for staff and (agricultural) equipment for use in China are at an all-time high level. This demonstrates that the US Ambassador routinely authorises the damaging of the environment in China without a care, whilst we in China are attempting to manage the environment very carefully. His unfounded complaint about the environment in China is sickening!

Today, as the White House is still wheeling from the disgrace associated with the Snowdon affair – Gary Locke has gone! His attitude is one that encourages the young to support the USA – and it’s assumed ‘liberty, opportunity, and freedom’ – without question. After-all, history shows that if we do not follow the USA voluntarily, then the USA will shoot and beat us into submission. This is demonstrated by the fact that the USA already controls the Asia-Pacific area from behind the scenes, as it does the policies of Japan, and the Philippines.  When America says it is ‘putting your interests first’, it really means that it is ‘putting its interests first’, and this is why nobody now believes anything the US says. Through their propaganda and actions we know that all the USA seeks is ‘glory across the world’ at any cost, and no matter what it takes. Mr Ambassador wants us to hate China and blindly follow the USA as he does – this makes us speechless. All we can do in response is to point out what his ancestor Lou Binwang said:

‘Please look at the region you inhabit – it is home for the entire world!’

Mr Ambassador, does your family and ancestors know how you behaved whilst working in China? If they did, you would probably be expelled from the family, such would be their disgust for you. When Gary Locke arrived, a dark cloud descended over Beijing – now that he has gone, the light has returned to China!  With a flick of his sleeves, Gary Locke tried to take away our clarity of vision. With his presence was a great corruption and China is glad to see the back of him!

Farewell Gary Locke!


Author: Wang Ping

































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