Catholic Church Formerly Demonises Mental Illness


Pope Francis, lauded by many religionists as ‘liberal’ and ‘tolerant’, nevertheless rules over an empire of mental illness comprised of theological Catholicism. This deviation from the Eastern Orthodox Christian tradition makes most of its headway using the method of ‘forced conversion’ against the vulnerable and deprived, which live within the economically undeveloped areas of the world. As Western Europe recovers from over a thousand years of Christian oppression and developmental darkness, and is steadily evolving into a secular society, the Catholic Church, whilst losing its Western adherents, targets populations in Asia and South America. The fact that many of its celibate nuns and priests have been exposed as serial sexual abusers of children in the West, has assisted the demise of the reputation and popularity of the church in Europe, particularly in the light of the recent discovery of the bodily remains of over 800 children in the grounds of a former Catholic orphanage in Ireland.   As the rational mind begins to assert itself amongst the general population in the West, the Catholic Church must seek its converts elsewhere; despite having a minority of Europeans adherents who have not yet developed the dialectical ability to ‘see through’ the psychological inversion that the institution of the Catholic Church represents.

Popes come and go, and are routinely labelled ‘liberal’, ‘moderate’, or ‘conservative’, etc, but the essential delusion of religion they represent continues unabated through the generations. In reality, it makes no difference whether a pope is considered ‘liberal’ or not, as the church he represents is thoroughly conservative and corrupt from top to bottom, and is one of the main facets through which the bourgeoisie retain their grip upon society, and the continued oppression of the working class. This systematic bourgeois oppression is both physical and psychological in nature. Whilst ensuring the physical straitjacket of social oppression stays firmly in place, a mythology of pure imagination – referred to as ‘theology’ – is administered to the working class to prevent their logical mind from functioning correctly, and ‘seeing through’ the historical socio-economic conditioning of their existential circumstance. Irrational theology, through its many bizarre imaginations, serves as the foundation for the dysfunction of the human mind; a mind which is responding to the oppressive external circumstances it encounters through the senses. This in turn creates the conditions for psychological illnesses and psychiatric problems. The conditioned oppression imported into the mind and body of the working class, inevitably rebounds back into the world via the agencies of physical and mental illnesses. The Catholic Church, like the bourgeois class that creates it, causes these illnesses in its pious adherents, and then blames the individual sufferer for the symptoms they manifest. This is tantamount to blaming the victims of oppression for the oppression they suffer.

Pope Francis is probably the most dangerous and sinister of recent popes. The Catholic Church has used his appointment to embark upon a sophisticated and multifaceted public relations exercise that is made to look as if it is all the decision of the pope himself, when in reality the Catholic Church is actually run by hidden ecclesiastical groups that are ruthless and do nothing unless it serves their selfish purposes. It is no secret that the Catholic Church assisted Nazi Germany in its attempts to eradicate the existence of European Jewry, and its misogynistic attitudes toward women are so well known as to be almost common-place today, and something of a forgone conclusion. For the Catholic Church, women as a distinct category are assumed – a priori – to be naturally dominated by men, simply because of the theological lie that Eve betrayed Adam, and that god’s representative on earth – the pope – is a man, etc. The body of a woman belongs to the church, and every decision she makes about it must conform to the dogma of theology. This Catholic imperialism ensures that through its denial of the use and effectiveness of contraception, future generations of Catholics are sired.

Although it may be argued that the creation and belief in theology is itself a form of mental illness, it is also true that modern bourgeois society is the cause of many different forms of psychological and psychiatric distress within individuals. The real and long term answer to this is to change the externality of bourgeois society through revolution, so that the physical world is organised along the lines of that which is most conducive to humanity’s needs and wants. This removes the discord between the inner and outer experience of existence, as the psychological patterns of the mind are influenced by the new non-oppressive and progressive social structures. This state of Socialism (and subsequent transformation into Communism), ensures that psychological and psychiatric disturbances will be transcended through the establishment of an advanced civilisation, that does not deliberately create debilitating mental illnesses in the minds of its citizens, as a means to demean and control them. The apparently ‘wonderful’ new pope has acknowledged the validity of the highly backward and destructive practice of ‘exorcism’, and is known to believe that those suffering disabilities are possessed by the devil. In other words, the distorted psychology (and function of the mind), forced upon the working class by its bourgeois oppressors, is assisted in its inversion by the Catholic Church, who interpret its manifestation not as medical symptoms emerging from the mind and body, but rather as proof of the presence of ‘demons’ and ‘spirits’ as envisioned through their theology. Instead of encouraging this backward view of the world, it should be acknowledged that priests who believe in ‘exorcism’ are themselves suffering from mental illness – but it is a mental illness in the service of the church itself, that goes undiagnosed and untreated. Exorcism is just another way of controlling poorly educated communities through the use of ignorance and fear, which is a policy viciously supported by the bourgeois film industry. This type of religiosity is clearly a crime against humanity, and shares exactly the same predicates as that theology which has justified the mass and continuous sexual abuse of children by paedophile priests. What links all this strange and bizarre behaviour together is the reality that those who inflict this suffering on the oppressed and the vulnerable within society, justify it to themselves (and others), as a matter of ‘following god’s will’. This new pope is no different to all others and should be treated with contempt. As the evidence of dysfunctionality mounts, surely it is now time to abolish the Christian church in all its manifest dysfunctional manifestations.

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