How GG Allin Was Inspired by The Beatles! (26.4.2023) 

He Appeared Sincere and Truly ‘Revolutionary’!

GG Allin (Jesus Christ) experienced a terrible and abusive childhood. One of his early influences was The Beatles. The Beatles music is Revolutionary – and this has absolutely NOTHING to do with the political views of the four Beatles themselves. What these four men produced together was greater than the sum of its parts! Needless to say, this music has influenced the world far and wide and changed the music scene on many levels far beyond its selling power. GG Allin was an honest (White) working-class man who directly reflected the destructive (predatory) capitalist system within which he existed – as it inflicted its destructive pressure upon his individual mind and body. What you see in his image is the predatory capitalist system of the US writ large and ‘uncamouflaged’ by the usual requirement to ‘conform’! 

The Revolutionary spirit of GG Allin was premised upon the concept of ‘non-conformity’ to the (existential) status quo. He was allowed to express this within the context of the cultural milieu of pre-911 America – and before the Patriot Act took away much of the freedom he is exercising and taking for granted. During the early 1990s – and before the inception of the internet – GG Allin would traverse the various US TV Stations, appearing on the Chat Shows each had to offer. In this ratings war – ‘Shock TV’ was the name of the game! Whoever could say (and do) the most outrageous things would attract the greatest viewing figures! It is interesting to note that despite his Anarchic image – GG Allin also gave many Radio interviews during the 1980s and 1990s – proving that there was a method behind his apparent madness! 

As an ultra-individualist, GG Allin required an ever-expanding audience to sell his records and transmit his Revolutionary message to. Unlike The Beatles – GG Allin never received an EMI Contract and was not mentored by a Brian Epstein. His music, although prolific in output, never underwent a transformation that only people like George Martin could have provided. He was and remained an ordinary working-class man who possessed a tremendous talent that was not raised to a higher level through the involvement of the expertise that only the Bourgeois could have provided (as this class exclusively controls the means of production). His music expanded throughout working-class culture – as did his act – but he never managed to break into the ‘Bourgeois Establishment’ in terms of production values. 

On the Jane Whitney (who?) Show – GG Allin gives a magnificent diatribe about overthrowing the Establishment and defying the Police – and then spoilt it all by stating that he ‘f’cks’ 16-year-old, 11 and 12-year-old ‘girls’ – and that they ‘like it’ and ‘volunteer’ for him to carry out this delinquent behaviour! During 1993 America – the time of Waco – the American audience just nervously ‘tittered’ when hearing this admittance of ‘paedophilia’ and ‘sexual assault’ – whilst the female Presenter simply rolls-on with her scripted Show! The main concern is not the supposed ages of the girls concerned – but rather the potential threat to his health through contracting AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases!  

Today, I suspect the broadcast would be cut and GG Allin would be arrested and imprisoned – whilst the Police investigated his past activity. According to the strictures of ‘Cancel Culture’, victims would be paraded across the TV screens – whilst ALL his back catalogue (and interviews) would be ‘deleted’ never to see the light of day again! The fact that GG Allin was never arrested for Sexual Offences suggests that all this was a dangerous part of his act, particularly as the TV Show then brought out two ‘young’ looking women who claim to be his willing sex slaves. The Host seems to imply that his alleged behaviour is acceptable if the women involved are appearing to ‘consent’. Make of that what you will. 

Whilst dressed like a Nazi German Storm Trooper visiting the beach for a day – GG Allin states that he is the King and that whilst ‘not conforming’ to the norms of conventional society, the youth of today should ‘conform’ to his will (presumably whilst purchasing his albums and singles)! Of course, none of this seemed to have happened despite his work ethic and impressive output (at least in bulk). One commentator suggested that GG Allin was essentially a ‘Hell’s Angel’ or a member of the notorious US Biker Gangs (whom I am told are often very good people). As matters transpired, about one-third of his ‘Punk’ (and ‘Black Metal’) output has turned out to be very good despite the obvious lack of professional production values. Within the context of his chosen genre, GG Allin was what The Beatles would have remained (in their chosen genre) if they had not met Brian Epsten and George Martin. If you listen carefully, you will ‘hear’ GG Allin in the middle of The Beatles music – and in the middle of the music of GG Allin you will hear The Beatles!