Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Explosions Over Kyiv! (19.4.2023)

Explosions in the Night Sky!

The night sky has bean lit up over Kyiv – and it doesn’t seem to be anything to do with Russia! If it is – nobody is talking! Apparently, Zelensky posted on social media that that he thought an air raid was taking place – but quickly deleted the post when it became clear no such action had taken place! The next element of mass hysteria is that this might be a NASA satellite falling to Earth!

Another Angle!
An Incredibly Well Filmed Event!

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‼️💥Спутник NASA? Взрыв в Киеве озарил всё небо белой вспышкой
СМИ неожиданно начали писать о якобы упавшем спутнике НАСА, но верится в это с трудом.
В городе ревёт воздушная тревога. “Шахиды” атакуют разные регионы Украины.