Neo-Nazi Ukraine: US Warns Russia NOT To Touch American Nuclear Assets in the Region! (19.4.2023)

The US ‘Admits’ It Has Nuclear Assets in Neo-Nazi Ukraine!

The US government has yet again excellently expressed its anti-intellectual attitude – that is as inept as it is naïve! Not only are their illicit US ‘Biolabs’ operating within Neo-Nazi Ukraine (involved in constructing biological and chemical weapons) – but also ‘nuclear’ energy assets controlled not by Kyiv – but rather ‘directly’ from the smoked-filled rooms of Washington DC! This is because the US has revealed (by way of a ‘threat’) that it possesses ‘secret’ nuclear technology at a nuclear power plant in Ukraine!

The US government has ‘warned’ Russia not to touch it – according to the US mouth-piece – CNN. The evidence for this is stated in a letter from the US Department of Energy – sent last month to Rosatom. It says that the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant in Energodar:

“…contains nuclear technology and sensitive data – the export of which is controlled by the US government.”

In this way the US government has confirmed the presence of its nuclear assets in the Ukraine – whilst obviously ‘fearing’ a widespread Russian military victory throughout the region concerned! Attempting to ‘warn’ Russia after the complete ‘failure’ of its economic embargo of Russia is interesting – as it blames this failure upon the help Russia is receiving from China!!

Russian Language Article:

⚡️США имеют секретную ядерную технологию на одной из АЭС в Украине и предупреждают Россию не трогать её, — CNN. Об этом говорится в письме Минэнергетики США, направленном в прошлом месяце “Росатому”. ржит ядерные технические данные, экспорт которых контролируется правительством США”. Да Россия так и “разогналась” не трогать)))