DPRK: The Ingenuity of ‘Natural’ Socialism! (8.4.2023)

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited Gyeongsang Nursery School during a day in July of Juche 101 (2012). The respected Comrade General Secretary went up the stairs to look around the second floor – but stopped walking while looking at the floor. The shape of the soles of children’s feet was drawn on each step. The respected Comrade General Secretary – who had been looking at the cute outlines for sometime said that the shape of the soles was really ingenius and that the idea was a perfect example of ‘natural’ Socialism!

After a while, the respected Comrade General Secretary said that even if the children are not directly instructed by adults to keep to the right – they will quite naturally step on the outlines (and travel up and down the stairs) keeping to the right-hand side of the stairs entirely by themselves! He said that this was an excellent example of natural education – achieved with only a minimal correct effort regarding planning!

The Nursery Workers’ hearts grew warm with appreciation! As they were only doing their duty for the people – to receive such unexpected praise from the respected General Secretary was completely unexpected and very much welcomed! The next step is always an event in action as the construction of Socialism relies on a continuous outpouring of such ingenius ideas – a processes that NEVER ceases – the General Secretary confirned! (End)

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North Korean Language Article:


헤아려보신 진정

경애하는 김정은동지께서 주체101(2012)년 7월 어느날 경상유치원을 찾으시였다.

경애하는 총비서동지께서는 2층을 돌아보기 위해 계단에 올라서시다가 바닥에 시선을 주시며 가시던 걸음을 멈추시였다.

매 계단에 어린이발바닥모양이 유표하게 그려져있었던것이다.

보기에도 깜찍한 그 모양을 한동안 바라보시던 경애하는 총비서동지께서는 발바닥모양이 정말 신통하다고,착상이 기발하다고 하시였다.

잠시후 경애하는 총비서동지께서는 이렇게 해놓으니 어린이들에게 우측통행을 해야 한다는 말을 해주지 않아도 그들이 이 표식물을 밟고 계단을 오르내리면서 우측통행질서를 저절로 지킬것이라고 하시면서 유치원에서 어린이들에게 교통질서를 지킬데 대한 교양을 자연스럽게 하고있다고 말씀하시였다.

유치원일군의 가슴은 뜨거워올랐다.

자그마한 그림을 놓고서도 거기에 비낀 교육자들의 진정과 수고를 헤아려보시고 과분한 치하를 안겨주시는 경애하는 총비서동지의 자애로운 영상을 우러르는 일군의 가슴에서는 격정이 솟구쳐올랐다.(끝)

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