DPRK: Progressing the Signage at the Korean Cental Zoo! (8.4.2023)

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the Korean Central Zoo during May of Juche 101 (2012), As he was walking along the road leading to the Aquarium – he came across a signboard that read “Aquarium” (수족관 – Sujoggwan). After considering the information board for an extended period of time – the respected Comrade General Secretary said that the information written on it was inappropriate and out of date because it was constructed using blue lettering upon a green background – but this combination of colours (and arrangement of letters) is only used on signs distributed throughout Motorways and First-Class Roads!

All eyes of the accompanying Officials were directed to the information sign board. Looking again, it did not suit the aesthetics of the narrowly stretched out streets or the purpose of the general public visiting the Zoo and enjoying the occasion. After a while, the respected General Secretary said that it is necessary to modernize the guide arrows, guide maps and animal nameplates on this occasion! These developments will assist the people!

A few years later, the respected General Secretary – who visited the Korea Central Zoo again where reconstruction work was underway – had not forgetten what happened at that time which resulted in new information signboards being placed everywhere – so that visitors to the Korea Central Zoo would not have any inconvenience in looking around the zoo! He stated this action had to be taken to serve the people! Even today, the guide sign board of the Korea Central Zoo conveys the noble will of the respected General Secretary that his function is nothing but serving the interests of the people – working for the convenience and interests of the people! (End)

http://www.kcna.kp (Juche 112.4.7.)

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동물원의 안내표식판

주체101(2012)년 5월 어느날 중앙동물원을 찾으신 경애하는 김정은동지께서는 수족관으로 뻗은 구내길을 따라 걸음을 옮기시다가 《수족관》이라고 쓴 안내표식판을 보게 되시였다.

경애하는 총비서동지께서는 한동안 안내표식판을 바라보시다가 《수족관》이라고 쓴 안내표식판을 청색바탕으로 하였는데 청색이나 록색바탕은 고속도로나 1급도로의 표식판들에나 하는것이라고 말씀하시였다.

일군들의 시선은 일제히 안내표식판에로 향하였다.다시금 바라보니 아담하게 뻗어간 구내길의 풍치에도 어울리지 않았다.

잠시후 경애하는 총비서동지께서는 이번 기회에 안내화살표와 안내도,동물명찰판도 현대화하여야 하겠다고 말씀하시였다.

몇년후 개건공사가 벌어지고있는 중앙동물원을 또다시 찾아오신 경애하는 총비서동지께서는 그때의 일을 잊지 않으시고 중앙동물원을 찾는 사람들이 동물사들을 돌아보는데 불편을 느끼지 않도록 도처에 안내표식판도 잘 만들어 설치하여야 한다고 이르시였다.

오늘도 중앙동물원의 안내표식판은 인민들의 편의와 리익을 위한 일에서는 관심밖이란 없다는 경애하는 총비서동지의 숭고한 뜻을 전하여주고있다.(끝)

http://www.kcna.kp (주체112.4.7.)