YouTube: Changes to My Channel ‘Untrue Crime’ [Update]! (2.4.2023)

Time To Move On With My Creativity!

Channel Motto: ‘It’s Better Than a Real Job’!

Channel Update (Transcript):

‘Just a quick update guys! I want to reassure my Subscribers that I in no way support left-wing politics (this is an anti-Trump lie) – and steadfastly continue to blame all the world’s ills on a) the ‘Devil’ (shout out to the ‘Vatican’ and ‘Tel Aviv’)! – and b) upon China, North Korea, Cuba and any other country that dares to pursue self-determination whilst attempting to hold the US accountable for its many crimes! Other than these trifling issues – the current ‘Update’ video will make clear what the new direction of my Channel actually is – and explain how things will be ‘changing’ – but you are NOT to worry as I will also be keeping everything exactly the ‘same’! So, a mixed bag – but very much something for everyone. Remember, the ‘truth’ is like White sugar – you piss on it enough times – and it just evaporates into nothing!’