Falun Gong Cult

Falun Gong Cult: Dial 0800 ‘DISTANCE’! 

In an attempt to inject some humour into Falun Gong Cult activities (which, let’s face it, often look more like Nazi-Occupied parts of Europe during the early 1940s – rather than populations of the ‘joyfully liberated’) – this new generation of channelers are trained to open-up proceedings with a witty exchange (or ‘repartee’) to warm-up the crowd – one which often unfolds something like this:  

Question: ‘Li Hongzhi – are you there?’ 

Answer: ‘Yes!’ 

Follow-up Question: ‘Are you alive?’ 

Follow-up Answer – and Delivery of Punchline: ‘Yes – are you?’ 

Of course, experiments in ‘humour’ of this nature could prove highly successful – or be the equivalent of pouring arsenic in the soup as a means to improve its flavour! Will it work? Will it fail? Does it matter? With the US government bankrolling Li Hongzhi’s every move (or ‘non-movement’ in this case) how can it fail? Li Hongzhi does not have to ‘prove’ anything – he merely needs to appear to always be there (never ageing) – and like a lighthouse perched on a lonely rock somewhere – always broadcasting the same ‘bright-light’ of his anti-China message!

Russia: Bonnie & Clyde Celebrate 77th Year of Victory Over Fascism! (10.5.2022)

I am not an expert of the biographies of these two professional gangsters from the Great Depression era of 1930s America! The US economy was only saved by the full mobilisation of the population for military service and industrial output for war! If this had not happened, capitalism in 1930s America looked like it was in terminal decline! The wealth WWII generated for the US, coupled with its armies occupying and taking lands overseas, ensured the US would becime a world power post-1945! Bonnie and Clyde, of course, both died together in a hail of police Bullets in and 1934 – a year after Hitler came to power – although Mussolini had been in power since 1922!