The Mysterious ‘2015’ Death of the First Russian Army Soldier – Private Kostenko – to Die in Syria! (22.5.2023) 

Having cross-referenced Russian-language texts I can confirm that Sergeant SOKUROV Eduard (СОКУРОВ Эдуард) did indeed die whilst serving in Syria prior to Vadim Kostenko. The distinction seems to be that Vadim Kostenko was ‘Contracted’ to serve a set time and in a set place – and was not a Career Soldier – or a Professional Specialist as was Edward Sokurov. Vadim Kostenko, therefore, was the first ‘ordinary’ Russian Army soldier to ‘die’ in Syria (but was the ‘second’ to die overall). Still, given the Great Patriotic War numbers that are dying in Donbass today – discussion of individual cases of mortality (confronting US hegemony around the world) seems almost superfluous and self-indulgent by comparison!

Iraq: News from the US Puppet Government – Islamic Deviation! (20.5.2023)

The Intelligence Agency has arrested a number of followers belonging to the deviant “al-Qurban” movement, in the district of Souq al-Shuyukh (Dhi Qar Governorate). The “Qurban” group is a movement of people who worship Imam Ali (PBUH) – whilst chanting the (corrupted) phrase “Ali Allah, Allah Ali”! But it is far worse then this – from time to time these people also draw lots from amongst themselves (those designated the ‘faithful’) and whoever’s name is chosen – that person must “commit suicide” as an offering to Imam Ali (PBUH)! This blasphemy will not be tolerated!

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Kremlin Attacked by Suicide Drones! (3.5.2023)

Everything we know about the assassination attempt on Putin:

🔻The Kyiv regime attempted to strike Putin’s Kremlin residence with a Suicide Drone at night

🔻Two drones were aimed at the Kremlin

🔻 As a result of the actions of the Russian Military and Special Services – the devices were disabled

🔻There are no casualties or material damage from fragments that fell around the Kremlin

🔻The Kremlin has declared these actions to be a planned Terrorist Act and an Assassination Attempt on the elected President – on the eve of Victory Day over Fascism (German Nazism) – the May 9th Parade

🔻As a result of the Terrorist Attack – the President was not injured, his work schedule has not changed, and he continues to work as usual.

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Japanese ‘Suicide Bombers’ Integral Part of US Aggression! (27.3.2023)

That is, with US and AFU assistance he is building a profitable business on the deaths of its own compatriots! Death is good for business – he confirms – as the latest batch of young Japanese recruits head for their own ‘guaranteed’ oblivion on the frontlines! Hosokawa Garasha explains that Japan has a tradition of self-sacrifice and so no Japanese recruits ‘volunteers’ with bizarre Western notions of ‘survival’! In the Japanese Corps he is proud that there is a ‘zero’ survival rate! No one would dare to return ‘alive’ – as this would spell disaster for their families back home!

Email: Historical Materialism and Crime! (11.2.2023)

Bourgeois Charities are businesses masquerading as altruistic entities. Helping the cause each claims to represent is purely incidental to the all-consuming requirement to make money whilst paying as least tax as possible. Take the so-called ‘Domestic Violence’ charities queuing up to ‘insert’ themselves into the Epsom Shooting tragedy. Most of the PR departments have obviously not read all the historical details as they are pursuing the official ‘all men are evil’ line (resorting to the metaphysical argument) which demonises all men (as if the Judeo-Christian notion of the world is correct) whilst ignoring ‘history’ and ‘material’ reality – the physical plane of we all inhabit.

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