Email: Historical Materialism and Crime! (11.2.2023)

The Exploitative ‘Pressure’ of the Predatory Capitalist System Causes Some People to React with Criminal Behaviour. This is Probably an Issue of Genetics, Culture and Desperation – But Not All Crime is ‘Wrong’ and Sometimes it is Justified. Within Islam, For Instance, a Non-Capitalist Religion – Stealing Due to Hunger and Thirst is Justified within the Holy Qur’an!

Dear Gillian 

Of course, I have been working on a theory for years stating that the psychological and physical pressures generated by the division of labour (within a predatory capitalist society) generates the conditions not only for the maintenance of Eurocentric racism (which retains the ‘White’ and ‘male’ dominance of Bourgeois society) – but  creates the conditions for all types of crime to be committed. Crime is a way of reducing internal pressure whilst attempting to outwardly  reconcile (usually in the short term) the injustices and imbalances of life lived in a capitalist society by dishonestly acquiring goods, service or some kind of circumstancial benefit. 

Bourgeois Charities are businesses masquerading as altruistic entities. Helping the cause each claims to represent is purely incidental to the all-consuming requirement to make money whilst paying as least tax as possible. Take the so-called ‘Domestic Violence’ charities queuing up to ‘insert’ themselves into the Epsom Shooting  tragedy. Most of the PR departments have obviously not read all the historical details as they are pursuing the official ‘all men are evil’ line (resorting to the metaphysical argument) which demonises all men (as if the Judeo-Christian notion of the world is correct) whilst ignoring ‘history’ and ‘material’ reality – the physical plane of we all inhabit. 

In the Epsom case, the only evidence of ‘historical’ domestic violence is a Police Record of Emma Pattison being arrested by Surrey Police (during 2016) on suspicion of committing ‘Common Assault’ upon her husband – George. Although he withdrew the allegation not long after lodging the complaint – due to the swollen state of his face – the attending Police Constable arrested Emma Pattison and she was questioned under caution with a lawyer present in the room. These details are ‘inconvenient’ facts detested by these so-called ‘Domestic Violence’ charities – which are thoroughly Bourgeois and pursue an inverted agenda that absurdly uses the accusational rhetoric of medieval theology to condemn all men ‘a priori’ (as if they are ‘possessed’ or ‘motivated’ by the ‘Devil’) – whilst completely ignoring the oppressive ‘material’ conditions generated by life in a predatory capitalist society – that are the true causes of all these hideous criminal activities. 

Racist newspapers such as The Daily Mail – have looked into George Pattison’s ‘ethnic’ background and have printed he was born in Kingston, Jamaica. Furthermore, as he has been perceived as a ‘man of colour’ – The Daily Mail (that newspaper that supported Adolf Hitler during the 1930s) also ascertain that George Pattison ‘had NO criminal record’! As he possessed a shot-gun license in the UK, this proves that he possessed a ‘clean’ record. As matters stands, George Pattison does not fit the usual ‘racial’ stereotype that the The Daily Mail likes to reduce all crime to. Of course, even with all this data taken into account, nothing justifies the taking of two other innocent lives – particularly that of an innocent child.