What ‘Chinese New Year’ Looks Like in South London! (22.1.2023)

Abit ‘Parky’ – As We Say!

It is the Year of the ‘White’ Rabbit and the traditional year in China is ‘4721’ since the reign of the Yellow Emperor! This surprises many people, as all they have known throughout their lives is the Judeo-Christian calendar. As this calendar became ‘secularised’ due to the rise of the rich merchants (Bourgeoisie), the industrialisation of society and the development of capitalism – many ‘Socialist’ countries have adopted its use as an expedient device designed to aid international relations – and China is no exception. Of course, we are effectively discussing comparative mythology, but my point is that China currently represents the ‘oldest’, ‘continuous’ and ‘unbroken’ culture in the world – and not the ‘West’. Today, the temperature is 3 – Celsius in Sutton, South London, and I do not think any sane rabbit would be hopping about amongst the crisp frost! Whilst the family still slumbers – I thought I would share a video and some photographs whilst hoping the Revolution will come sooner rather than later – and that all the unjust suffering humanity is experiencing due to the capitalist system will be brought to an end! We can live in hope! The photograph at the top of this article includes two bagua (Eight Trigram) mirrors (signifying ‘harmony’ through ‘balance’ and correct ‘positioning’) and a plaque wishing peace and tranquillity throughout the divine-sky and across the broad-earth! These greet you as you venture into our home. the mirrors are believed to ‘deflect’ bad ‘qi’ energy away from the house! ACW (22.1.2023)