Celebrating the Year of the ‘White’ Rabbit (22.1.2023)

From My Friend Gillian!

Today, I got up and lit an incense stick on the family shrine – gave out the New Year cards and special commemorative coins – and then walked around the house banging a gong to clean out the old ‘qi’ energy of the ‘tiger’ and welcome in ‘new’ energy of the gentle rabbit! This is all part of Chinese tradition which is thousands of years old and varies as we move from one part of China to another! This is all part of what happens within ethnic Chinese homes and living spaces. Outside, there will be martial arts performances which will include lion, dragon and phoenix dances to bring good look – whilst families meet to celebrate together! In China there is now a two-week holiday with various traditional rituals on certain days! As China moves toward ‘Socialism’ – people are changing and becoming more modern and scientifically minded – and this leads to knew interpretations of reality and historical processes! This is a good thing as dangerous superstitions are abandoned, traditions are clarified and made safe and easily shareable, and Chinese people develop ‘Internationalist’ attitudes and tendencies!

May You All Be Happy and Free from Suffering!
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