Neo-Nazi Ukraine: President Zelensky Grants a Happy New Year! (1.1.2023)

A Spanish Blogger has relatives livng in the ‘Kyiv’ area of Ukraine. Indeed, we can see these fine people sat around the dinner table on New Year’s Eve (31.12.2022) in the picture above – attentively listening to President Zelensky – as he delivers yet another of his Washington-produced ‘missives’ to bolster the flagging spirits of his people! There is now ‘enforced’ conscription upon the streets of Ukraine – with any man of seemingly ‘military-age’ being forcibly ‘detained’ by the AFU or the Police – whilst their backgrounds are checked for eligibility for Military Service!

Neo-Nazi Ukraine has been forced to do this due to the very high casualty rates (at least 100,000 killed and wounded since the conflict began on the 24.2.2022). Even with the AFU reinforced with soldiers from the US, UK and EU – the Russian Army has inflicted terrible damage whilst its casualties have stayed relatively ‘low’ – but this number has started to climb steadily in recent months. The West trained large numbers of Neo-Nazi Ukrainian troops to a very high degree between 2014-2022 – but most of these men died in the first months of the war (whilst failing to achieve any of their military objectives).

As the conflict has gone one, the quality of AFU troops has fallen, and the already ‘high’ efficiency rate of the Russian Army has continued to take its toll (even against the various ‘Special Forces’ of the West – and of course, Israel). The West has now resorted to drone-strikes wherever possible so as to preserve what troops the AFU still possesses (along with its expensive Western military equipment). From the footage I have seen, Russian soldiers are being killed by these machines (often programmed for ‘Kamikaze’ attacks) – but this development has not been enough to swing the balance of power and the tide of the war.

Within Russia itself, the Telegram Channels are talking about a general mobilisation of the male population – with younger and older men forming self-defence units. The Russian government is keeping its best military equipment for the frontline troops serving along the ‘contact’ points throughout the Donbass border areas – and it is asking the auxiliary and ancillary troops (essentially ‘Volunteers’) to seek-out and bring any Soviet-era equipment they might possess to their mustering points – as this is recognised as being of a very good quality even though it is ‘dated’ by the standards of the day! This includes, by the way, any ‘Red Flags’ for morale purposes!

Although the best Neo-Nazi ‘Nationalist’ Battalions of Ukraine where taken on and destroyed by Russia in the first few months of bitter-fighting in this war, it is still true that a steady trickle of Western-trained ‘Hitlerites’ are finding their way to the battlegrounds – although in nothing like the numbers they once were! News has got around that Russia is once again proving the racist ideology of Adolf Hitler to be ‘wrong’ and definitely ‘beatable’ on the battlefield! As can be seen from the above picture, the correct manner to greet the President of Neo-Nazi Ukraine is with the Hitlerite ‘straight-armed salute’!

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Друзья одного барселонского блогера в Киеве слушают выступление фюрера.

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