USSR FOUNDING (1922) DOCUMENT (2): The Foundation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – Report Delivered at the First Congress of Soviets of the USSR – December 30th, 1922 – J. STALIN COLLECTED WORKS VOLUME 5 (1921-1923) [25.12.2022]

The Hammer & Sickle Emblem was One of Many Developed during 1918 – Replacing a Hammer and Plough Often Seen in 1916 Eire (Ireland)!

Author’s Note: Between 1914-1917 – the Russian people were allied with the UK against the Germans as allies during WWI. In that time, the Russian people lost around three-million casualties (mostly soldiers recruited from the peasant and workers’ class). This pointless mass murder unleashed various Revolutionary Forces throughout society – and the Russian Bolsheviks were eventually propelled into power through their slogan of ‘All Power to the Soviets’! The Bolsheviks were granted the ‘collective’ power held by their working associations (Soviets) – with Lenin ‘elected’ into the role of ‘General Secretary’ of the Communist Party of Russia! As a consequence, Lenin pulled Russia out of the war and thereby saved millions of lives! Following the Russian Revolution and Russia’s extraction from WWI, the UK, US (and twelve of their allies) militarily invaded Revolutionary Russia (between 1918-1921) and inflicted an attempted genocide upon the Russian toiling masses! This was aided and abetted by Imperial Germany which invaded Revolutionary Russia (together with six of its allies) between April-November 1918 (primarily operating in West Ukraine to the joy of the local Catholic population). Between April-November 1918 – British and German soldiers (primarily of working-class stock), fought shoulder to shoulder as ‘allies’ within Revolutionary Russia – whilst their British and German Comrades-in-Arms still killed one another as ‘enemies’ in the mud and filth of France and Belgium! This is part of the duplicitous ‘bourgeois’ history of WWI (and its immediate aftermath) that is never taught in schools nowadays! This mass invasion of Revolutionary Russia cost the lives of at least 10.5 million Russian people and has become known (rather bizarrely) as the ‘Russian Civil War’ – as if Russia did all this to itself! And yet out of all this destruction, Lenin (and Stalin) cleverly manoeuvred the Revolutionary Russian people through the Revolutionary process, and a war with the entire known world! This they did in an expert manner and then established the ‘Union of Soviet Socialist Republics’ (USSR)! ACW (25.12.2022)

The Bourgeoisie Will Never Tell the Truth About the Founding of the USSR!
The Bolsheviks Had to Develop a Revolutionary ‘Red Army’ Out of the Ashes of a Czarist Army!
The Bourgeisie ‘Feared’ the ‘Internationalist’ Nature of the USSR!
The Russian People in 1991 Betrayed Their 1917 Revolution and Took the Side of the Capitalist West!
The Brutal Military and Political Attack Upon Revolutionary Russia Led Directly to the Formation of the USSR!
We, the Workers, Must Never Forget the USSR and the Hope Its Presence Gave to the International Working-Class Community!