When William Blake Strummed the Qatar… (30.11.2022)

The FIFA World Cup – Where US Notions of ‘Football’ and ‘Human Rights’ Simply Do Not Matter!

A poem inspired by William Blake’s ‘Milton‘:

In Praise of Lambeth – That Holy Vale!

Every word a gem manufactured not within Satan’s Mills – but during Ferris Bueller’s Day-Off. Titter not you fabled viewers of the Vale of Lambeth! The 93 – even during the blackness of night – does not frequent this noble sight!

The Eye of London never did look upon the face of God – and never did see the Aquarium deep or the mighty lions columned!

The NHS of Albion has crumbled into dust – and Milton still sits upon his stone – now owned by Elon Musk! Onward, onward you mighty lions – the Great Satan only appears to triumph in the hoky land of Arabia!

Free the Vale of Feltham from the evil of Orio – until all beds are denied from those who do not fear God’s wrath – for surely they shall mourn on the morrow!

Trousers – belted or braced – could not be trusted in Plato’s day! With only Christ – hours away from the final reckoning – will all wearers of corrupted trousers be punished by those who labour to harvest the atoms comprising trumpets true!

Seek not in the streets – but in the caves and dark corners where nothing dwells until a heavenly light does shine! Reap and reap again – when humble Lambeth will be transformed into holy Jerusalem!

Only then will Ferris Bueller’s Day be ‘Switched-On’ for all to see – holding overflowing cups or mirth and merrimet! Perhaps the 93 visits here all along – Zone 5 to Zone 6. Who can tell – let TFL decide! The Gates of the North and the South will be served and penetrated for all to see!

NOTE: The above commemorative Qatari FIFA World Cup 2022 coin possesses a face-value worth of just £0:23p in UK money. Given that the Qatari Central Bank has issued one million such coins – the face value of these coins (if all sold in the UK) would be £230,000. However, as these ‘commemorative’ coins are being sold through UK retail outlets at around £10 per coin – the Qatari Central Bank looks to make around £10,000,000 out of the deal! That is a gross profit of around £9,770,000! And that is just on one single and relatively cheap to produce Qatari coin – probably made in the sweatshops and prisons of North America!