Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Ultra-Nationalist – Dmitry “Sunset” Sidorko – Has Been Liquidated! (27.11.2022) 

Russian Military Correspondents have reported the elimination of Ukrainian Ultra-Nationalist – Dmitry “Sunset” Sidorko (Дмитрий «Сансет» Сидорко) – who was killed in battles around Artyomovsk (known as “Bakhmut” in Ukraine). 

On November 26th, 2022, War Correspondents of the Russian Spring Telegram Channel reported that Ukrainian Ultra-Nationalist – Dmitry Sunset Sidorko – who took part in the conflict from the first days of the Special Operation! He was killed during the fighting in the Artyomovsk area of the front – relating to disputed territories of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) bordering Neo-Nazi Ukraine.  

It is noted that Sidorko – who has been holding Neo-Nazi viewpoints since his school days – threatened Russian mothers stating that when he gets to the “Front” he will make Russian children will “drown” their own blood! 

The US-backed President Zelensky of the Ukraine has stated that Sidorko was a “misunderstood” youth who needed an outlet for his youthful vigour! (Zelensky was reported as being “furious” – when he was unexpectedly asked at a recent Press Conference ‘How many sides does a football have’ by “Agents Provocateurs” – after he could not answer the question). Sidorko was planning on supporting the US Soccer team at the 2022 World Cup – but his hopes were dashed when he was informed Qatar was an “Islamic” country!  

Russian Language Article:

Украинский неонацист Дмитрий «Сансет» Сидорко ликвидирован под Артёмовском 

Российские военкоры сообщили о ликвидации в боях под Артёмовском украинского националиста Дмитрия «Сансет» Сидорко. 

26 ноября военные корреспонденты Telegram-канала Русская весна сообщили о том, что украинский националист Дмитрий Сансет Сидорко, который принимал участие в сражениях с первых дней спецоперации, был уничтожен в ходе боевых действий на Артёмовском направлении фронта. 

Отмечается, что побратымы придерживающегося неонацистских взглядов ещё со школьных времён Сидорко пригрозили российским матерям топить их детей в крови.