Email: Beware Pan-Slavic ‘National Bolshevism’! (15.5.2022)

This attitude is a total inversion of Marxist-Leninism! Indeed, it is a victory for a) predatory capitalism, and b) Trotskyism! What I find interesting is why modern ‘Russian’ adherents to Marxist-Leninism still insist on preferring a ‘Russo-centric’ (‘nationalist’) view of reality? Infiltrating ‘nationalism’ is one of the greatest betrayals of  Marxist-Leninism and has been so successful outside of China that most European ‘Leftists’ take it for granted and see it as normal! Most post-1991 so-called ‘Communist Parties’ have abandoned ‘Internationalism’ as if such a pan-working-class attitude was an ideological mistake made by Lenin! The USSR is NOT a place but a concept.

Russian Scythians Off to War! “Written In Our Blood – We Go and Fight the Neo-Nazis for All of Humanity”! (20.3.2022)

We are a non-White ethnic group – and we know what the Neo-Nazis have in store for us! It was not I who gave the order to the 4th Military Base – because it is part of the army of the Russian Federation – but rather when our friend is under gunpoint, when our friend is in trouble, we will stand side by side and fight shoulder to shoulder! We fight for all humanity! We will give-up our lives for all who cannot defend themselves against fascism!