Italian ‘Terrorist’ Group Linked to Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion! (17.11.2022)

Italian Fascists Have Direct Link With Ukrainian Neo-Nazis!

An Italian Neo Nazi ‘terrorist’ group has direct links with the Ukrainian Azov Battalion. This discovery has been confirmed by the Italian Authorities and widely reported throughout Italian media! In the above footage are shown books and paraphernalia concerning the Azov Hitlerite Battalion found during the arrests of the four White Supremacist Terrorists – one of whom is a Ukrainian ‘Refugee’ – who was recently given a generous resettlement grant and a free house in Italy – following his claim of ‘political persecution’ at the hands of the Russians! Ukrainian Neo-Nazis – under the guise of political persecution – have been spreading Neo-Nazism and terrorism throughout the cities of the West since the start of the conflict during February of this year.